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"Photo Business 101" is a presentation style app where you simply click, watch, and learn. It is presented by James Beltz - the host of "PhotoTips" ...

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"Photo Business 101" is a presentation style app where you simply click, watch, and learn. It is presented by James Beltz - the host of "PhotoTips" found right here on itunes. His podcasts has the most 5 star ratings of any photography podcast. (672 to date!) "Most beginning professional photographers think that starting a photography business is all about taking pictures and selling pictures. I have been down that road. I can tell you with certainty, that is almost 100% dead wrong. It is far, far beyond that simple thinking. At least if you want to run the most successful business that you can..." - James Beltz "If you look at my website and at my prices, you will see that I am charging half of what every other Pro is charging at my skill level, and be absolutely dumbfounded at how I am making the living that I am making at photography. There are two simple reasons that I can charge the low prices that I charge, but make what I make. #1 - Skill. I have worked hard at improving my photography. #2 - A Sound Business Plan. And this class is devoted to sharing that with you" - James Beltz "This is not a get rich quick scheme. It is my business plan. And no matter what the widget is that you are trying to sell, or what the service is that you are trying to provide, every business needs a well thought out plan. Operating a successful photography business is not about taking pictures and selling pictures, and the sooner you realize that, the sooner you can begin to add to the bottom line and provide a better living for your family. It is really that simple." - James Beltz "There are no gimmicks or tricks. Just common sense business tactics that are taught in business courses and college classrooms across the world, but custom tailored for photographers wanting to work from home. In this series I lay out my proven business plan, explain how it works, and show how just taking pictures has made it possible for me to live quite comfortably working from home and supporting a family of six." - James Beltz "My plan saves me money. My plan provides me flexible hours. My plan provides a nice living. My plan works..." - James Beltz This is the same successful class being sold on the Phototips.biz website, but specially formatted for the iPhone/iPad - FOR A FRACTION OF THE WEBSITE PRICE!! How can it get any better than that??? James offers to answer your email questions. What other professional photographer will do that? Download Starting Your Own Photography Business Class today!! ****"Just like the add said, there are no tricks, but your common sense approach to business is astounding. For my sake, I hope my competition does not take your course. GREAT STUFF!!!" -- Charles Shirey, Miami FL**** ****"I have been shooting and owning my own business for 6 years. After watching this class, I promise I will change the way I do my business. Your approach just makes sense. Perfect sense. -- David Wilcox, Lake Charles, LA**** ****"I emailed you straight from the app, and you actually called me to explain the answer to me. I just wanted to say thanks for that" -- David Maxwell**** ****"I have to admit, I was skeptical on the whole presentation style format when I first got started, but in the first 15 minutes, you explained to me something I had never quite understood, and you talked to me like a a real person. You have a true gift. And thanks for allowing us to email you straight from the app, and then actually answering. I now own all of your classes." -- John Mater, Burbank, CA****


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