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Doing business across cultures? Business Behavior – The International Guide is the essential, no-nonsense guide to global business behavior. Don’t leave ...

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Doing business across cultures? Business Behavior – The International Guide is the essential, no-nonsense guide to global business behavior. Don’t leave home without it. The 42 country-specific business behavior guides offer academically verified, no-nonsense business behavior information in short form for the international business traveler. Informed by three decades of observing business people spoiling promising deals, this high-quality app offers valuable insight accumulated from 1,000 business negotiations in 55 countries through 26 years as an expatriate manager on 3 continents. The business behavior guides are based on the business bestseller, Cross-Cultural Business Behavior, now in its fifth edition, by Richard R. Gesteland.   Business Behavior – The International Guide offers a complimentary guide to business behavior in Japan, as well as free information on universal rules and insiders’ tips. The additional 41 country-specific guides to relationships, verbal and nonverbal communication, status, business protocol and negotiating styles are available as in-app purchases for the following countries: • Australia • Bangladesh • Belgium • Brazil • Burma • Cambodia • Canada • China • Czech Republic • Denmark • Egypt • Finland • France • Germany • Great Britain • Greece • Hungary • India • Indonesia • Ireland • Italy • Japan • Laos • Malaysia • Mexico • Norway • Poland • Romania • Russia • Singapore • Slovakia • South Korea • Spain • Sweden • Thailand • The Arab Countries • The Baltics • The Netherlands • The Philippines • Turkey • USA • Vietnam "…by a practitioner for other practitioners, for business executives doing business with counterparts from other cultures. Full of valuable tips and examples, it is extremely instructive; in other words it is a must for all those who do business across cultures." - Professor Doctor Bernd Waldeck, University of Applied Sciences, Germany "Richard Gesteland’s no-nonsense, pragmatic approach provides an accessible set of cases and “how-to” tools for busy international negotiators and businesspeople. Don’t leave home without it!" - Director Linda Gorchels, University of Wisconsin, Madison School of Business, USA "Recommended for anyone who needs to prepare for encounters in culturally new environments. One can get a long way with the practical information provided here." - Senior Lecturer Kristina Henriksson, Laurea University of Applied Sciences, Finland Business Behavior – The International Guide is a high-quality app, produced by the award-winning app development agency, Shape.


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