Business Consultation e-Platform 營商諮詢電子平台

在營商諮詢電子平台發表意見 營商諮詢電子平台手機應ç
程式隨時隨地與營商諮詢電子平台連接,方便快捷。 這個應ç
程式可讓你: - ...

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在營商諮詢電子平台發表意見 營商諮詢電子平台手機應ç
程式隨時隨地與營商諮詢電子平台連接,方便快捷。 這個應ç
程式可讓你: - 瀏覽和下載æ‿府çš„規管建議及相關çš„諮詢資料ï¼› - 直接向提出規管建議çš„決ç­–局或部門發表意見ï¼› - 透過「推送通知」功能接æ‶最新發佈çš„諮詢工作ï¼› - 利ç
「加入行事曆」功能提醒有關正在進行çš„諮詢工作或活動;及 - 使ç
「資料庫」çš„關鍵字搜尋功能,搜尋過往çš„諮詢文件和結果。 Offer your views @ Business Consultation e-Platform This iPhone App provides the business community with a convenient means to access the Business Consultation e-Platform, which is now serviced by the Economic Analysis and Business Facilitation Unit of the Financial Secretary’s Office, the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Through this App you can: - Browse and download Government’s regulatory proposals and related consultation information; - Offer your views and comments on the proposals directly to the originating bureaux/departments; - Be alerted to new consultation exercises with the “Push Notification” function; - Remind yourself of a current consultation exercise or event by using the “Add-to-Calendar” function; and - Search past consultation papers and results by using the keyword search function in the Archive page.


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