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From the best-seling book by Kevin Duncan - A masterclass in modern business thinking. - This app is the definitive compendium of everything you need ...

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From the best-seling book by Kevin Duncan - A masterclass in modern business thinking. - This app is the definitive compendium of everything you need to know from the best minds in modern business - abridged, condensed, and ready for immediate action. Understand the important concepts in business - fast. With Over 4 hours of audio book content and quick reference sections covering : ✱✱✱ The Big Themes ✱✱✱ - Is there a pattern, or is everything random? - Relying on what you think you know: a dangerous game? - The power of context: how strong is it - How much of a push do people need? - Global influences on local business - Has the internet changed everything? ✱✱✱ Business Strategy ✱✱✱ - The macho old school approach and world domination - Can you reduce business strategy down to just one question? - What happens when businesses give their products away for free? - How to organise your information - Lies, damned lies and statistics: how not be be fooled by data and jargon - Why people make the decisions they do ✱✱✱ Leadership ✱✱✱ - Why should anyone be led by you? - Are some leaders smarter than others? - Drawing the received wisdom together - How to be a maverick leader - Applying your own style ✱✱✱ Business Classics ✱✱✱ - Lessons from the best-run companies - Shattering myths and ensuring long-term success - A contrary view: all this is no more reliable than storytelling - Intuition and action - Alternative views and a twisted future? ✱✱✱ Creativity ✱✱✱ - How different minds work - Suggested methods for encouraging creativity - Randomness is good too - Embracing new ideas ✱✱✱ Organisation ✱✱✱ - Why bother? - How large companies do it - How small companies do it - How you can do it - Get your attitude right Got no time to read business books? Don't worry. It's all been done for you.. As well as saving hundreds of hours of reading time, you can grasp ideas with pithy accuracy, explain them authoritatively to colleagues and, crucially, avoid being hoodwinked by those who claim to understand a concept when in fact they have got the wrong end of the stick. 40 books are summarised, with one-minute summaries and one-sentence summaries to give an immediate feel for the subjects. All the wisdom forms an intriguing 40-point manifesto to inspire your approach. ✱✱ This App will enable you how to ✱✱ âœâ€ Understand the important concepts in business - fast âœâ€ Avoid reading half a million words of business writing âœâ€ Appear impressive in meetings and generally at work âœâ€ Never be embarrassed not to have heard of or read a major new book âœâ€ Cheat fast in meetings by accessing the app under the table ✱✱ Included in this app ✱✱ âœâ€ Over 4 hours of Audio Book content âœâ€ Quick reference flip cards âœâ€ Illustrations and Chapter Overviews âœâ€ Detailed and quick reference text summaries for each item âœâ€ Quick find listings by topic, author and book titles âœâ€ Online support


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