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Business Without Borders

Business Without Borders 1. The Sun Never Sets on the Web 2. Becoming a Business without Borders 3. Marketing and Selling on the Eighth Continent 4. ...

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Business Without Borders 1. The Sun Never Sets on the Web 2. Becoming a Business without Borders 3. Marketing and Selling on the Eighth Continent 4. Companies Worldwide Push Aside Borders 5. Navigating This App 6. Our Globalization Heroine 7. Discovering the Eighth Continent 8. What the Budding Globalist Faces 9. "Globalization": Just What Does that Mean? 10. The Opportunity 11. When Your Prospects Are in Rome, Do as the Romans 12. Global Business Does Not Mean Every Country 13. Where Should You Start? How Should You Continue? 14. Realizing That the Web Is Not So Worldwide after All 15. Guiding Principles for Going Global Online 16. What is our Analysis of Acme International Showed Her 17. Great Expectations for Global Markets 18. Where Does Globalization Fit into a Business Strategy? 19. To Every Company There's a Reason 20. Seven Most Effective Arguments for Globalization Budgets 21. Case Study: Getting Closer to Your Customer 22. Making the Case: A Summary 23. Navigating the Global Journey 24. Job Number One: Designate a Leader 25. Organizing Your Company for Global Success 26. Define Project Goals for Each Country and Application 27. Set Limits on Quantity of Experience 28. Balancing Quality of Experience against Corporate Realities 29. Deciding Which Markets Matter 30. Forces that Drive an Investment in Localized Sites 31. When Supporting a Market Online Should Be a No-Brainer 32. It Takes More Than a Border to Make a Market 33. Portability: Does Your Product, Service, or Content Travel Well? 34. Penetration: Is the Population "Have Net" or "Have Not"? 35. Product Politics: Things That Can Land You in Jail 36. Tally the Scores-Then Make Your Decision 37. Accelerating Your Global Journey 38. The Laws of the Eighth Continent 39. Prepare for the End of the Tax-Free Internet 40. Define a Holistic Policy for Protecting Consumers 41. Protecting Customer Privacy 42. Manage the Legality of the Content Itself 43. Case Study of a Legal Review of a Marketing Site 44. Research the Laws That Protect Your Company 45. Don't Try This at Home without a Legal Safety Net 46. Building the Foundation for New Online Markets 47. Where Does Web Content Come From? 48. Language Support for Displaying or Printing Languages 49. Putting the Dots in All the Right Places 50. How Deep Must the Foundation Reach? 51. Should Your Company Do the Internationalization Itself? 52. Internationalization Benefits Budgets 53. Internationalization Is Basic Hygiene 54. Putting Your Value Proposition 55. Translation for Global Firms Becomes a Process 56. Where Effective Translation Begins 57. Why Is the Computer Unable to Do All This Translation? 58. Marching Orders from This Part 59. Organizing to Serve the Eighth Continent 60. CGO Enunciates the Vision 61. A Showcase Project to Demonstrate Some Progress 62. Applying This Model More Broadly 63. Find the People to Go Global 64. Global Technology Team 65. Content Resources Team 66. Online Marketing Team 67. What Will This Effort Cost? 68. Globalization Requires Dedicated Resources 69. Outsourcing Work to Fellow Travelers 70. Insourcing or Outsourcing? The Eternal Question 71. Working with Globalization Suppliers 72. How Much Should You Expect to Pay for Translation? 73. Measuring the Quality of Translation and Localization 74. Recapping the Outsourcing Question: No One Goes It Alone 75. Measuring the Return on Global Investment 76. Adopting a 360-Degree View of ROI for Globalization Projects 77. What Should You Measure? And How Often? 78. Instrumenting the Effort 79. Globalization-Treat It as You Would Any Business Issue


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