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ARE YOU READY TO ANSWER YOUR PHONE? Share your status if you're available... or too busy to pick up. BusyBook is free, phone-call/contact-list app we've ...

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ARE YOU READY TO ANSWER YOUR PHONE? Share your status if you're available... or too busy to pick up. BusyBook is free, phone-call/contact-list app we've developed for frequent, everyday phone users who appreciate every single minute they save during their busy day. The App is based on our patent pending SW, method and system for sharing phone-call availability of phone users. With only one tap, signal and share your status and possible availability to answer or refuse a phone call by another phone user, who is making or planning the actual phonecall to you. If you and all your friends, colleagues and business partners start using the BusyBook app to signal each others availability - or unavailability to answer a phone, and each of you only saves one minute a day on average, you may save over six hours of your valuable time per year! Time is precious and we believe you will find this app very useful in saving your time in the future. What else can you do with the BusyBook App? - Type in your status message, to say what you feel or do right now, so people can read your "quote". They will be aware if they can call you or not and they will see this status message/comment under your name in their BusyBook contact list, in case they use this app too. - Invite other friends and colleagues to use BusyBook for free on iPhones and Androids too, by sending them a short invitation. You will find an invitation button for each person next to their respective contact detail (next to Call/Text buttons). - In the ver.2.0 you can dial and call any number thru a dial pad interface. In the Settings, chose from a selection of dial pad design skins, if you like. - Personalize your iPhone and buy more dial pad skins reflecting your mood and individual personality. - Add your friends and other frequently called numbers into the Favorites group to access their contacts and call them quickly. - In addition to the status-sharing functionality, you can directly access your friends from your contact list via Skype (requires your contact's Skype nickname entry in the contact detail) or via FaceTime, both open automatically, and separately outside the BusyBook app. How to set up your Status: - go to the Settings button on the bottom right of the navigation, inside the BusyBook App, and select the Status you wish to share: Free to talk and answer phone calls now? Turn the signal in the settings on to a GREEN icon, symbolizing I'm free to answer a call and talk. Busy in a meeting or doing something else and you can’t (or you don't want to) answer right now? Turn it to the RED one, meaning Don't disturb me... and if you don’t know or you are just away, simply turn it YELLOW. All just with one tap... How it works? We respect your privacy and confidentiality of your contacts and your contact list is NOT shared with anyone else - they are stored only on your phone. Instead, you only signal and share your status and availability for a call with another users of the BusyBook app. The more of your friends and business partners have, share and use the BusyBook app, the more effective your phone-call timing and scheduling next phone call will be. Enjoy every minute you save in your life with this simple, yet powerful app, the BusyBook. And if you like this app, please, recommend it to other people and your friends by sending them an invitation to download the BusyBook from the App Store or iTunes for free. And please note, if you turn your status to the busy-red icon, people can still make phone calls to you at any time. But if they use the BusyBook app too, they should see and respect your status set on busy, and therefore call you later when you signal you're free. Not for emergency calls. BusyBook runs on iPhones 4, 4S, 5, iPads and on all Androids, too. Thank you for downloading and using our app, the BusyBook. With questions and comments, please, contact the developers at the REBSTÖCK CONSULTING company at info@rebstock.cz.


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Version: 3.0

Size: 2.5 MB


Price: $ 0.00

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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