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CASH Futures Trader 時富期貨

CASH Futures Trader 時富期貨 時富金融服務集團有限公司〈股份編號:510〉旗下時富商品有限公司最新推出的「時富期貨」交易程式,提供即時期指報價、戶口結餘、交易狀況及買賣倉位,讓客戶可隨時隨地捕捉期指çš„最新行情,在指尖間盡握投資先機,為投資組合增值及對沖。 全新「期貨

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CASH Futures Trader 時富期貨 時富金融服務集團有限公司〈股份編號:510〉旗下時富商品有限公司最新推出的「時富期貨」交易程式,提供即時期指報價、戶口結餘、交易狀況及買賣倉位,讓客戶可隨時隨地捕捉期指çš„最新行情,在指尖間盡握投資先機,為投資組合增值及對沖。 全新「期貨交易」*平台,提供更快捷及安全可靠çš„交易服務 1.期指報價 - 下盤精準快捷,操作簡易,更具備止蝕及止賺盤功能 2.現金結餘 - 港元及美元雙幣結餘,令你投資更加運籌帷幄 3.我的組合 - 長短倉位概覽、快捷下單功能,提供市價及限價平倉 4.交易紀錄 - 詳細交易紀錄及狀況,一目了然 本程式提供大期、小期、H股指數期貨,小型H股指數期貨報價及交易服務。另客戶可設定合ç´„數量上限,使交易更有保障。 此外,時富金融亦為您提供其ä»–流動交易服務,包括「CASH RTQ時富實時報價」、「CASH AlertMe到價提示」、「CASH Securities Trader時富證券交易」等。 *「時富期貨」只供時富期貨電子交易戶口使ç
,如欲查詢開戶手續或更多「時富期貨」交易服務之詳情,請致電本公司客戶服務熱線:2663-8888或瀏覽www.cashon-line.com。 CASH Futures Trader Celestial Commodity Limited, wholly subsidiary of CASH Financial Services Group Limited (Stock Code: 0510), now offers iPhone users a brand new experience of trading HK Futures via our ‘CASH Futures Trader’. The app tailored to futures investor that included all the components as streaming futures quotes, account balance, transaction summary and positions that would empower our Futures clients an interactive way to grasp fleeting investment opportunities, monitor their positions and react to the dynamic futures market. CASH Futures Trader offers our clients an ultra-fast yet reliable trading solution. 1)Futures Quotes: Trade Futures with free streaming quotes, together with friendly interface enable you to trade at ease. 2)Balance: Informative summary of HKD and USD balances 3)Position: Summary of all long and short positions. You can square your positions any time with just one click 4)Transaction Summary: Detailed transaction summary with neat and clear layout to display your trading log With CASH Futures Trader, you can access HS Index Futures, mini-HS Index Futures, H-shares Index Futures, mini H-shares Index Futures. You can set an upper limit of your tradable contracts. CASH also offers a comprehensive mobile trading solution. Please search for CASH RTQ, CASH AlertMe and CASH Securities Trader. *CASH Futures Trader is exclusively offered to clients of Celestial Commodity Limited. Should there be any enquiries on our services or the app itself, please kindly contact our CS at 2663 8888 or visit www.cashonline.com.hk


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