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Chinese Characters Alive!- -Plant-- is an app for learning nine Chinese characters organized around the plant kingdom. Rice -- 米, Bamboo -- 竹, ...

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Chinese Characters Alive!- -Plant-- is an app for learning nine Chinese characters organized around the plant kingdom. Rice -- ç±³, Bamboo -- 竹, Melon -- ç“œ, Grass Radical -- 艹, Flower -- 花, Grass -- 草, Wood --木, Wood radical --木, Forest -- æž—. Each lesson includes a video about the evolution of the character, a morph displaying the changes of the character through time, and an animation showing how to write the character stroke-by-stroke adjacent to a practice area. Our multimedia and cognitive approaches help students learn through logic, reasoning, and intuition. The creators of this software also produced the award-winning Chinese Characters Alive! The same lessons are also available on CD-ROM for Windows XP/Vista/7, and you may obtain more information at: Chinese Characters Alive! has been featured at the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco and the Huntington Library, Garden, and Gallery in Pasadena, California. In 2008, we won the Innovative Multimedia Courseware Award from the Office of the Chinese Language Council International (“Hanban”) and the Best Overall Exhibit award from the San Jose Tech Museum of Innovation. Comments about our software: "Captivating! Great basic language instruction for any beginner. Terrific visuals of real objects and ancient pictograms that morph into modern characters" ---- Dr. Emily J. Sano, Director Emeritus -- Asian Art Museum of San Francisco "Chinese Characters Alive! is educational software that sparkles with intelligence! The program is perfect for students with no previous background in the Chinese language. Vibrant colors and exquisite storytelling trace the origins of Chinese characters." ----Dr. Carolyn Anderson, former President of the California Reading Association (CRA) © 2013 US Asia Internet, Inc Contact:


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