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As a means to render accounts to shareholders, investors, collaborators, institutions and other publics concerning the company`s performance during ...

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As a means to render accounts to shareholders, investors, collaborators, institutions and other publics concerning the company’s performance during the year, the CCR Group presents, for the sixth year running, its Annual and Sustainability Report based on Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines. This international methodology ensures the transparent communication of information that points to company advances and perspectives at the economic, social and environmental levels. In 2011, CCR recorded important progress from a sustainability standpoint. Governance in the theme was reinforced with structures and committees that act at every level of management; meanwhile, new goals and initiatives for mitigating environmental impacts were developed at the Business Units. At the social level, investments were increased, reaching nearly R$ 20 million. At the financial level, results were also consistent with the strengthening of new businesses, net revenues of R$ 4.577 billion, 21.2% higher than 2010, and the Group’s shares which outperformed the Ibovespa Index. This iPad version, which brings some of the main highlights in areas like governance, sustainability, environmental management and relationships with society, is part of CCR's strategy for improving relations with its publics of interest. Besides the complete version of the report, available at http://www.grupoccr.com.br/ri2011, there are iPad versions and reduced format hard copy reports (magazine and Moleskin), all in three languages (Portuguese, English and Spanish). Another advance was submission of the complete version of the report for GRI verification and checking. The document will also be audited starting 2012. Adoption of the GRI report model, together with increasingly more transparent and consistent management practices, reaffirms CCR's commitment to the evolution of its processes and the adoption of best practices when relating to society.


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