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This Certified Ethical Hacker Exam Prep from Expanding Security takes your preparation to the next level. The CEH exam version 7 has been rewritten as ...

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This Certified Ethical Hacker Exam Prep from Expanding Security takes your preparation to the next level. The CEH exam version 7 has been rewritten as of April 2011. We helped write the exam; we review the official courseware. This quiz saves you time and stress as you prep for the Exam. This is the only quizzer you need for the CEH: 315 questions. We give you explanations from the sources, and if you need more, the study links are worth far more than the price of the app. And when you click 'more info' on any question, you get a full explanation and something to study right now. Save your time thumbing through tons of books with us: Question/Answer/More Info/reference material. Custom support for any questions on the quizzer are as easy as a click where you can send us your question/comment and we'll respond directly. Study the best way with Expanding Security, a training company. We are the people who wrote our own courseware for CEH version 6 and 7. Our quizzes ask the type of questions that really tune you into the exam's way of thinking. The proof is in the pass rate. Over 1000 students have used Expanding Security quiz questions in our classes and with a 99% pass rate; you should, too. Now we are making the toughest 315 questions available to the public. The explanations and the study links alone are more than worth the price of the quizzer app. This is not an Exam Cram/Memorization exercise - this quizzer gives you rich content, explanations, and links. This program contains the explanations that keep you on track. We give you the links to the core materials. No rehash of what someone else said. For more great CEH support and training, get our CEH Video apps or come try our live online training free using adobe connect app! ExpandingSecurity.com training prevents the deer-in-the-headlights look. When you sit for any exam, you want to be calm, cool and collected. Expanding Security takes our classroom techniques to the iphone so you can be portable, learn on the go, and squeeze in 5-15 minutes of study anywhere, anytime. - Our CEH quizzer covers all of the Official Course topics for all the sections of the exam for version 7: Law and Ethics Footprinting Scanning Enumeration System Hacking Trojans and Backdoors Viruses Denial of Service Social Engineering Session Hijacking Hacking Web Servers Web Application Vulnerabilities SQL Injection Penetration Testing Sniffers Hacking Wireless Networks Evading IDS Firewalls and Honeypots Buffer Overflows Cryptography Web Based Password Cracking Techniques Linux Hacking Layer 2 and 3 Two primary Modes of operation for our CEH Quiz App: PRACTICE MODE: 315 questions spread proportionally over the exam topics that match the real exam's spread of questions. Provides Users with Multiple choice like the real exam randomized and delivered in selected Topic and Quantity. Advanced Study Features - Direct links to Content as a relevant URLs. URL links tied to right and wrong answers - (Allows Internet access to Pages of content for remediation) Selectable Question Bank - Randomized or Not - Missed or Not Capable of Providing Performance Statistics STUDY MODE: -Study Mode allows a user to proceed directly to the CEH content . Comprehensive Graphics, Text, URL links to enhance your learning experience. -Review Mode allows the Engines Prescriptive and Relevance feature to be utilized. In this mode, a user's performance on the Practice Engine will spawn a Lesson Plan based on their individual knowledge-gaps. The CEH content is then served to you based on its significance to your learning. TRAINING MODE: Provides Users with Direct access to CEH training. As with the Study Mode this mode uses the Prescriptive and Relevance engine to create a Customized training plan.


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