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CELL Magazine Vol.1

CELL Magazine Vol.1 [English/Japanese] To be surprised by seeing something beautiful. To laugh, to cry. To be kind and to have courage by being in touch ...

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CELL Magazine Vol.1 [English/Japanese] To be surprised by seeing something beautiful. To laugh, to cry. To be kind and to have courage by being in touch with nature. To look into one’s heart in order to live nobly. Digital Magazine, we think, is perhaps something different from novels, music, or film and is a genre that can communicate a thought that can only be expressed through CELL. With that, we will work with joy on fashion and art, music, food and other things that are close to our hearts. [ Objective ] CELL will maintain its core in a creative manner. CELL is a “Lifebook” that fully expresses Avant-Garde (High Visual) and Natural (High Touch) that are in fact the same sensation. We will communicate “Made in Japan” to the world. CELL, by utilizing the features of a devise called iPad, will provide surprises and inspiration to the readers through expressions that did not exist in traditional magazines. Three dimensional editing, “moving photos” of CELL’s photo expression, movie, music, weblink etc. [ Vol.1 Contents ] The silence, flight, and love in the hearts of those who jump borders. The bountiful energy created by the hearts. ◆FASHION 5 SECONDS REVOLUTION High fashion utilizing a form of expression that CELL presents called “moving photo” ◆LIFE STYLE TARO TAMAI ◆JAPANESE ART Bunraku : Toyotake Sakihodayu ◆PHOTO REVOLUTION SONOMAMA SONOMAMA People whose clothes don’t wear them : Photographer Taishi Hirokawa ◆JAPAN ZEN Tadanobu Asano ◆POETRY Yumi Fuduki ◆CINEMA Border jumpers’ art images. “Maya Deren” “Derek Jarman” “Kazuyoshi Kumakiri” ◆JAPANESE FOODS A taste that doesn’t belong anywhere. That’s I thought the first time I tasted this sake. The more I became enthralled. ◆BEAUTY Kurokami : Paeoniae radix when standing, peony when sitting, lily when walking. ◆FRAGRANCE ◆FASHION STORY The Chrysanthemum and the Sword. Second Chapter : Color Preference Reacknowledging the Japanese’ aesthetic sense. *This Appli includes movie that require Wi-Fi or connection to a 3G circuit. *Some of the movies that are linked to from this Appli will not be viewable after a designated certain period of time. (C) 2011 CELL Magazine / Daishinsha Inc. Unauthorized reprints/copies of the photos, illustration, articles, and logo types from this application is strictly prohibited.


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