With GDSX`s new CETAS iPhone app, business travelers now have access to view their trips and submit them for authorization. Additionally, authorizers ...

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With GDSX’s new CETAS iPhone app, business travelers now have access to view their trips and submit them for authorization. Additionally, authorizers can approve or decline a travel itinerary with a few clicks anytime, anywhere. This app also allows both the traveler and authorizer to communicate specific details regarding the trip. Who Can Use the CETAS iPhone app: • Anyone who is a current CETAS user may use this app. If you are not a current CETAS subscriber and would like more information, please contact GDSX sales at sales@gdsx.com. CETAS vs. CETAS Lite - Which is right for me: CETAS is for anyone who is a designated approver. This version allows the user to not only view their trips, but those of anyone they approve for. The Approver has the ability to approve or decline each trip. It also allows dialog between end users. CETAS Lite is for the end traveler who does NOT have approver abilities. This version allows the traveler to view their trip and create a dialog with their approver. About CETAS: CETAS provides a powerful and flexible pre-trip authorization platform which can be completely customized for travelers using their company’s policies and standards from COMPLEAT for business logic and configuration settings. The result is a tightly integrated, efficiently administered, perfectly automated solution for pre-trip travel authorization. CETAS is available as a standalone application or as an add-on for COMPLEAT users. CETAS’ functionality is used by travelers and authorizers to: - View trips requiring authorization based on company travel policies - Communicate between the interested parties - Submit trips for authorization - Approve or decline those trips CETAS offers a host of benefits to business-savvy companies looking to control costs and implement processes to audit travel policy adherence: • Configure authorization criteria • Implement travel policy terms • Report on policy variants • Configure authorizer lists • Receive traveler-initiated vs. auto-generated TARs • Monitor trip details post authorization • Configure CETAS portals so that each customer has a unique look and feel • View status or authorize travel via mobile devices About GDSX: GDSX specializes in travel automation, including quality control, reservation finishing and travel fulfillment services. The company’s flagship product, COMPLEAT, is a hosted software application enabling customer-authored automation. GDSX enables travel management companies, corporate travel departments, online travel providers and travel fulfillment companies to define and implement their own processes of fulfillment and service delivery. Contact: For more information about GDSX’s CETAS or any of our other products, please visit www.gdsx.com or contact sales@gdsx.com to schedule your demo today.


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