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CFA Level 1 Smartcards

*Bestselling Smartcards now for CFA* Pass rate for CFA Level I is 38% (Source: CFA Institute 2013 data)! Created by expert Tutors, CFA Level I Smartcards ...

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*Bestselling Smartcards now for CFA* Pass rate for CFA Level I is 38% (Source: CFA Institute 2013 data)! Created by expert Tutors, CFA Level I Smartcards will help you succeed in level 1. Smartcards are the next level of flashcards that adapt to your learning. Pin those cards you want to revisit and separate cards you are familiar with. Over 1000 Essential facts for CFA Level 1 including Corporate Finance Capital Budgeting Cost of Capital Working Capital Management Financial Statement Analysis Corporate Governance Portfolio Management The Asset Allocation Decision An Introduction to Portfolio Management An Introduction to Asset Pricing Models Equity Investments Organization and Functioning of Securities Markets Security Market Indexes Efficient Capital Markets Market Efficiency and Anomalies An Introduction to Security Valuation Industry Analysis Company Analysis and Stock Valuation Introduction to Price Multiples Fixed Income Features of Debt Securities Risks Associated with Investing in Bonds Overview of Bond Sectors and Instruments Understanding Yield Spreads Introduction to the Valuation of Debt Securities Yield Measures, Spot Rates and Forward Rates Introduction to the Measurement of Interest Rate Risk Alternative Investments Alternative Investments Investing in Coomodities Derivatives Derivative Markets and Instruments Forward Markets and Contracts Futures Markets and Contracts Options Markets and Contracts Swap Markets and Contracts Risk Management Applications of Option Strategies Ethics Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct Guidance for Standards I-VII Introduction to the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS) Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS) Financial Reporting and Analysis Financial Statement Analysis: An Introduction Financial Reporting Mechanics Financial Reporting Standards Understanding the Income Statement Understanding the Balance Sheet Understanding the Cash Flow Statement Financial Analysis Techniques Inventories Long-Lived Assets Income Taxes Long-Term Liabilities and Leases Financial Reporting Quality: Red Flags and Accounting Warning Signs Accounting Shenanigans on the Cash Flow Statement Financial Statement Analysis: Applications International Standards Convergence Economics Elasticity Efficiency and Equity Markets in Action Organizing Production Output and Costs Perfect Competition Monopoly Monopolistic Competition and Oligopoly Markets for Factors of Production Monitoring Jobs and the Price Level Aggregate Supply and Aggregate Demand Money, price level and inflation U.S Inflation, Unemployment and Business cycles Fiscal Policy Monetary Policy An Overview of Central Banks Quantitative Methods The Time Value of Money Discounted Cash Flow Applications Statistical Concepts and Market Returns Probability Concepts Common Probability Distributions Sampling and Estimation Hypothesis Testing Technical Analysis * Includes charts and Figures


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