Shovel car is powerful and Hard worker. Let's move it freely. --------------------------------------------------- - CHILD APP The series fifth - ...

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Shovel car is powerful and Hard worker. Let's move it freely. --------------------------------------------------- - CHILD APP The series fifth - [ Drive -Excavator- ] Target age. 6 years old from 3 year old. --------------------------------------------------- Only touch button! It is easy operation. Reality sound and like real scale action. This app can coloring shovel car as you like. --------------------------------------------------- - What I devised - This app does not have ad banner. And this app does not have enter to other web site link. There is no button which returns to a main menu. Because, it is for a small child being wrong and not pushing a button. --------------------------------------------------- â–  How to Play â–  * Left button = Move forward * Right button = Move back * Upper and lower button = Move the arm of shovel car * If the arm of a shovel car lower, it will dig. * What is being carried will be dropped, if the arm is lowered to the last or is raised, while carrying something. â–  About for Events â–  Please carry or drop that appearing sand and a rock freely. A star can be got if it puts into a target well. An event can be played if three stars gather. 1. Painting factory :A shovel car is coloring in a favorite color and this app can. 2. A dump truck and a big sand hill :Let's drop sand from a top and put on a loading platform. 3. A large hammer crusher :Let's break three rocks with a big hammer. ※An event appears at random. ※An event can be chosen by bypassing and continuing running. â–  To parents and guardians â–  This app has no destination. An event is like prize that can drop rock and sand now well. This app has no game over. This app is like a very easy radio control game. --------------------------------------------------- Cooperator : My son. 3 years old. Latest ios which can support : 7.0.4 The device which has been checked the operation of. : iPhone5s,5c,5,4s,4 : iPodtouch 4th : iPad2,3 :iPad mini --------------------------------------------------- â–  Guidance from developer â–  This time, I watched many shovel car. For express real motion. I got good advice from Active driver about shovel car. So I could make good motion. Thank you so much. Shovel car is too cool! --------------------------------------------------- Please write a review if you like this application. - All the series of CHILD APP - : The series 1th [ Vehicle - Train ] : The series 2th [ Vehicle - Car ] : The series 3th [ Touch - Toy ] : The series 4th [ Build - Cooking ] : The series 5th [ Drive - Excavator ] : The series 6th [ Vehicle - JR Kyusyu ] : The series 7th [ Play - Play shopping ] : The series 8th [ Study - Shape ] NEW! - - - - - - - - PR - - - - - - - - New product CHILD APP The series eight [ Study - Shape ] Now on sale - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


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