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CHIROspinâ„¢ is an iPad application designed as a patient education tool for all health care practitioners working in the complex world of spinal pathology. Elegant ...

Discontinued App


CHIROspin™ is an iPad application designed as a patient education tool for all health care practitioners working in the complex world of spinal pathology. Elegant in its simplicity, it reduces to a minimum the time needed to explain the interplay between degenerative cause and symptomatic effect. CHIROspin™ empowers you with everything you need, to get your message across in a clear, engaging and intelligent way. FEATURES BODY FEATURE Head to toe, front to back. A transparent interplay of the human frame introduces the importance of including a global perspective to a local problem. Pause the rotation and take your time explaining the structure of the skeleton. JOINTS FEATURE Get close to each of the main joints through an in-depth presentation of moving skeleton, muscles and ligaments. The stunning visuals will highlight the importance of your comprehensive diagnostic and treatment approach. Pause and draw on the screen before sending a screenshot straight to your patients email or to your printer. CHEST FEATURE Zooming in on the chest emphasizes the special relationship of the spine to the skeleton. Pause the rotating chest with spinal view to further your patients understanding of the spine and it’s integration to the rib cage and the neck. SPINE FEATURE With just the touch of a button, CHIROspin™ immediately lets you identify the association of any spinal level neurologically to its end organ. This feature demonstrates the somatovisceral reflex for a comprehensive understanding of the neurological relationship of the organs to the spine. SPINAL DECAY FEATURE Normal to serious pathology, the crisp visuals in four different views clearly establish the progressive nature of spinal degeneration and it’s relationship to central and peripheral neuropathy. The discopathy and spine section view affirms visually that tissues can both lesion and heal on the inside. NERVES FEATURE This feature begins and ends with the nervous system for an immediate visual correlation of nerve function, to organ function, to muscle function. Zoom in on any part of nerves, muscles and organs while sliding the transparency to demonstrate their relationship. It's the perfect starting point for introducing your patient to functional neuropathology. CARE MANAGEMENT FEATURE With the aid of the CHIROspin™ care feature clinicians have at their fingertips the tool to quickly walk their patients through the phases of management of spinal pathology. Slide through the phases, from symptomatic intensive, to post-symptomatic rehabilitative, to non-symptomatic prevention for risk reduction of symptomatic relapse. DRAW AND SHARE FEATURE Further your patients’ comprehension by drawing on the screen to boost focus. Finish by sending a screenshot with the drawing to your patients email. HORIZONTAL VIEW Flip CHIROspin™ around any which way you want. Horizontal view gives you the optimal edge-to-edge TV-experience with AirPlay. AIRPLAY MIRRORING Get CHIROspin™ wirelessly on the big screen by connecting your iPad with an AppleTV. Alternatively you can project the app through a wire connected to your TV. DESIGNED FOR RETINA DISPLAY Every aspect of the app has been specifically designed for retina display. LANGUAGE SUPPORT CHIROspin™ comes fully installed with the following languages: · English · Italian · Portuguese · Danish · Spanish · French · Russian


Technical specifications

Version: 2.0

Size: 489.89 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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