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CITIA: What Technology Wants by Kevin Kelly

*Optimized for iPad 2 and 3rd generation iPad* ** As seen recently on APPNEWSER [Mediabistro], App Slap: CITIA Is High-Tech CliffsNotes for eBooks: ...

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*Optimized for iPad 2 and 3rd generation iPad* ** As seen recently on APPNEWSER [Mediabistro], App Slap: CITIA Is High-Tech CliffsNotes for eBooks: http://cta.io/appslap ** Citia is putting the “new” in new media with a radical user interface that lets you explore Kevin Kelly’s latest book as you would a museum or even a city. Our app turns the "Wired Magazine" cofounder’s work inside out, allowing you to scan his ideas about how technology “evolves” and sample the ones that interest you most. A card-based reading system lets you share his insights with people in your social graph, who get to read extended, beautifully formatted samples via a single Tweet or Facebook post. It’s a system designed around the touchscreen: Reading becomes more like a game, with an immersive 3D interface, rich media, and social skills conventional e-books can’t touch. Citia makes serious nonfiction faster, more sharable, more intuitive, and more beautiful. And Kevin Kelly makes technology come alive. About Citia Citia’s mission is to make important ideas travel farther, faster, and we believe some of the best of them are found in books. But we worry that many ideas slip away because there’s just no time to find them. Let Citia find them for you. And give them wings. Using professional writers, editors, designers, and programmers—in partnership with major publishers such as Penguin, Perseus, HarperCollins, and O’Reilly—we reorganize and condense existing works of serious nonfiction. We are making books easier to sample, navigate, and share. And when you discover one you love, we hope you’ll buy the original (just flip a card to purchase our titles, in any format). Praise for Citia “Digitization has changed the book, and now, Citia is providing a new and logical way to read it. I can’t wait to dive into the stacks.” --Steven Heller, professor at New York’s School of Visual Arts, book author, and columnist for the New York Review of Books. “May revolutionize electronic publishing as we know it.” --John Maeda, President of the Rhode Island School of Design and Associate Director of research at MIT’s Media Lab. “Absolutely love it. I think the underlying idea is brilliant.” --Steven Pinker, Harvard professor and author of Better Angels of Our Nature About "What Technology Wants" This provocative book suggests that technology is not a mere jumble of wires and metal but a living, evolving organism. Kevin Kelly, cofounder of Wired, looks out through the eyes of this global system, tracing technology’s past and following its trajectories out to where it is headed. An optimistic look at how humanity and technology join to produce progress. “Kevin Kelly is one of the world’s best philosophers of technology, and he’s again ahead of the wave with this astonishingly brilliant book.” --Walter Isaacson, biographer of a tech legend and President/CEO of the Aspen Institute “More thriller than primer, this is the best technology book I have ever read.” --Nicholas Negroponte, founder of the MIT Media Lab, author of Being Digital Features • Created with some of the world’s best writers and publishers • More knowledge in less time: serious nonfiction titles, beautifully condensed • Two levels of summary—high altitude and detailed • Curated rich media, info graphics, and photography • Card-based reading system moves e-reading beyond the PDF format • Intuitive, grounded navigation (say goodbye to “location 2,077”!!) • New 3D table of contents organizes books by concept • Skip over material you already understand, focusing on new ideas • Radical new format designed for speed and sharing • Share extended, formatted samples via Twitter, Facebook, and email • A killer app for time-challenged executives • Includes referrals to related books Website: citia.com We will be releasing more books this summer.


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Price: 9,99 €

Developed by Semi-Linear, Inc.

Day of release: 2012-05-31

Recommended age: 4+

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