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100% of profits to benefit the CIYO Scholarship This app uses questions designed by the CIYO program to help overcome barriers and gain understanding. ...

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100% of profits to benefit the CIYO Scholarship This app uses questions designed by the CIYO program to help overcome barriers and gain understanding. Using four inner leadership archetypes to represent important abstract qualities and characteristics, the user is guided through the series to bring new understanding to a question or situation that might be unclear. By creating an identity for these archetypes, the user will begin to understand how the archetypes are energies present in themselves, and help guide the qualities the user would like to increase. CIYO Over the past 20 years the CIYO has helped women access their reservoir of presence, and a fuller expression of themselves in their work, family and relationships. We work together to identify current challenges, address barriers to forward movement, and cross threshold, all in a supportive, confidential and nourishing environment. Our program groups are kept small to ensure one-on-one conversation, rich dialogue, and the transforming power of the circle. Learn more at www.ciyowomensretreat.com. Note: Formal training with CIYO is not required to benefit from this application, although it greatly enhances its use. People who have used it without prior training may not fully understand the archetypes, but report that the inquiry process is very effective. Features included in app: Ask a Question- Follow a series of question to bring new understanding and insights Card Set - Illustrated archetypes knowledge base allows to learn and reinforce Notes - A notepad to quickly jot any notes or insights that come to mind for later Progress - See the number of questions and dilemmas you’ve reviewed to motivate Motivational Quotes - Receive a new motivational quote after each use Quotes from our beta users: Quotes from our beta users: I valued the CIYO retreat as one of the top transformational experiences of my life, and have found it’s frameworks to be very effective tools in my daily life. The CIYO app helps reinforce the concepts and I found myself integrating the learning for much longer lasting results. - Alumna of CIYO Even without doing the retreat, the inquiry questions helped me tune into myself to find clarity in making a decision. The archetype reference material is bite sized and increased my curiosity for the program and individual coaching options. - Entrepreneur (Has not taken CIYO)


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Version: 1.032

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Developed by Channel Capital, LLC

Day of release: 2011-10-27

Recommended age: 4+

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