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CSD for iOS

CSD for iOS is a free video conferencing app that allows you and your organization to access CSD`s Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) service. Now ...

Discontinued App

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CSD for iOS is a free video conferencing app that allows you and your organization to access CSD’s Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) service. Now Deaf/Hard of hearing people can access sign language interpreting services everywhere they go; for doctor’s appointments, business meetings, conference seminars, and more. All CSD VRI Interpreters are certified. Lawyers pass the bar. Doctors are licensed. Teachers have degrees. And CSD Interpreters are certified. Every single one of our interpreters is certified by organizations like the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf or the Board for Evaluation of Interpreters. CSD Interpreters have put in the work. So you can feel confident in a CSD interpreter, every single time. We are a Security Conscious company: CSD for iOS uses end-point-to-end-point encryption solution, both video and audio, which is in compliant with numerous of Federal regulations such as HIPPA Security Rule and Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FEPRA). CSD for iOS uses only three (3) outbound ports connecting to our secured server. No inbound ports are required to be opened on your organization firewall. What is VRI? VRI is an acronym meaning Video Remote Interpreting. That’s when a sign language interpreter is in a remote location and is accessible through video communications software like CSD for iOS. Who is CSD? Communication Service for the Deaf is a private multi-national organization dedicated to creating and provisioning technologies and services that benefits the deaf and hard of hearing community. Learn more about scheduling VRI using the CSD for iOS app by visiting CSDInterpreting.com or call 888-540-6543 and schedule your CSD Interpreter for the CSD for iOS app today.


Technical specifications

Version: 2.6.7

Size: 13.28 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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