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Check out what CTPlot can do: http://www.youtube.com/user/mobileblackbeltllc CTPlot turns your iPhone into a Cycle Time Analysis tool powerhouse.  Answer ...

Discontinued App


Check out what CTPlot can do: http://www.youtube.com/user/mobileblackbeltllc CTPlot turns your iPhone into a Cycle Time Analysis tool powerhouse.  Answer the question "What is our current process Cycle Time?" in just seconds after finishing your data collection, with data and graphs in hand.  CTPlot is simply the fastest mobile tool to collect, analyze, and share your process' cycle time. Just about everyone that cares about their business and/or their output cares about Cycle Time, and there are many tools and methods to improve or reduce Cycle Time for any operation.  They all start by having someone measure the baseline cycle time (the "as it happens today" cycle time). Your may be asked: "How does our cycle time today compare to our standard?", or you may see something funny in a report and want to verify the measurements, or simply you are interested in learning about what the cycle time is for a process you care about (that line at the airport, at the coffee shop, or any other process you may think of), and you need the answer now. How do you proceed?  In sophisticated environments, where data are automatically collected by the systems involved in or "attached to" the operation in question, you just pull the data out of a database and off you go to perform analysis.  If you are not lucky enough to have these types of systems in place, you or someone has to go to the operation with a stopwatch and paper/pencil in their hand, or a laptop, to collect the data, put it in a spreadsheet or other statistical analysis tool, and analyze.  In either case, data has to be collected in a reliable fashion, entered into an analysis tool, and analyzed before findings can be shared. CTPlot is designed to eliminate the need to ask those questions.  It quickly takes the user through the steps to collect process data, and makes the data analysis and the sharing of the results in a snap.   * Collect data for multiple process steps * "Lightning" button enables immediate start of data collection * Perform a practical review of your data with the Data Review feature * Look at Cycle Time performance over time with the histogram and fitted normal probability curve * See percent of data to either side of the reference line, both actual and estimated per Normal curve of the fitted data * Compare your measurements to a Reference, Upper Specification Limit, Lower Specification Limit or Takt Time * Share the resulting graph and/or the data through email, ready for further analysis or presentations * Share data through iTunes * Boast about your performance improvement prowess with built-in, one-click status updating to LinkedIn, facebook, and Twitter. Note: You can only share the completion of your accomplishment and NOT any data. Therefore, proprietary or not, NO data can be shared


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Version: 1.3.1

Size: 1.87 MB


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Day of release: 0000-00-0

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