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Check out our latest app with even more advanced features, Yellow Cab Meter ***** ...

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Check out our latest app with even more advanced features, Yellow Cab Meter ***** What Customers say About the App ***** "The Real McCoy 5-Stars - With the latest update Cab Meter has all the functionality of any taxi meter mounted in any taxi. Combined with iPhone's excellent GPS it is accurate and setting up is easy once you understand how to do it. It can be setup to match the start, distance, and time fare of the city you live in, or any city they use dollars or UK pounds. Terrific app for those who need a primary or secondary taxi fare meter." "You really do get what you pay for, great quality comes at a price. With so many customisable features, this really is perfect. Ideal for calculating your own fuel consumption as well as using it as a meter. Brilliant ;-)" "Very helpful app when determining fare prices for your customers. Great support with any questions or concerns you have regarding the meter." "To my surprise, i received a call in a couple of hours and they walked me thru the setting over the phone and voila! Woks like a charm. Thank you for being so responsive." Start your own cab service and pay for this app within the first trip! Cab meter turns any moving vehicle into a cab. It uses the GPS chip in your device to track distance and calculate fares you set: All of the fare settings for the meter are in the settings for your phone. Just set them up and then tap the reset button in the app to apply them. You can set the following: -Name of your cab company (displayed at the top of the meter) -Calculation Method: Standard (Default) / UK (Regional) -Currency Symbol -KM or Miles -Language (English, Spanish, German, and Danish) -Start Fare -Distance Fare -Distance Interval for Fare -Extras Charge -Stop Fare -Stop Fare Interval When you're finished with your trip, tap the stop/start button and then the email button to send a receipt to your customer. If you need to see a map or get directions, tap Map button. If you have the Square payments app installed, a Square icon will appear in the upper right corner of the screen. If you install the Square app, tap the reset button to link Cab Meter to the Square app. At this time the Square Payments button only opens it up. In future versions of Cab Meter, we hope to push the fare to Square Payments for you. Still working on it. If you want any other payment systems, contact support via email. **Fare Calculation Methods** - The Standard (default) setting only uses the fares set in the settings. - The UK regional setting does not include the distance fare for the first KM. From 12 AM to 6AM it charges 1.5 times additional fare. Note: App may seem slow or inaccurate on startup because the device is trying to get a good GPS signal. When it locks on to a signal, the GPS indicator in the distance display will turn red and then it will update fare and distance accurately and quickly. ****Warning**** Never use this app while vehicle is moving and always pay attention to the road. ****Caution**** Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. Please send comments, suggestions, and technical support issues to the We are happy to help, but can't do so unless you tell us if you're having an issue. We respond to all emails within one day.


Technical specifications

Version: 2.1

Size: 9.22 MB


Price: 24,99 €

Developed by techScriber

Day of release: 2013-01-23

Recommended age: 4+

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