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Do you know horses? Horses PRO HD by NATURE MOBILE is an elegant and easy-to-use BREED GUIDE and IDENTIFICATION APP with a built-in QUIZ GAME. Read fascinating ...

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Do you know horses? Horses PRO HD by NATURE MOBILE is an elegant and easy-to-use BREED GUIDE and IDENTIFICATION APP with a built-in QUIZ GAME. Read fascinating information and learn facts about the world's most popular 180 horse and pony breeds; browse more than 1500 professional pictures of stallions, mares, and foals by the world famous equestrian photographer BOB LANGRISH; find your favorite horse! ...or find the largest, friendliest, most agile, or any other horse that you like! With Horses PRO HD by NATURE MOBILE you definitely will! Enjoy the beautiful pictures and use your iPhone/iPad as digital picture frame. SEARCH AND IDENTIFY HORSES BY * Appearance - size, body type, hair, color, etc. * Temperament - intelligence, courage, agility, etc. * Usage - dressage, jumping, polo, hunting, etc. * Gait - pace, walk, trot, tölt, etc. * Category - warmblood, coldblood, half-bred, etc. * Country of Origin - Canada, Germany, UK, USA, etc. TRAIN YOUR KNOWLEDGE - QUIZ GAME * Guess breeds from pictures * Submit scores to Facebook * Submit scores to OpenFeint Follow NATURE MOBILE on Twitter http://twitter.com/NatureMobile, look for us on Facebook or visit our website www.NatureMobile.org. CONTENTS * 180 world's most popular breeds incl. - horses, ponies, mules, donkeys, and zebras * 1500 pictures by world famous equestrian - photographer BOB LANGRISH * Facts and infos on all breeds by - horse expert KATHLEEN KURCH SPECIAL FEATURES * iPad Slideshow with TV OUT function * Turn for landscape view * Change language in settings * Select favorite breeds * Upload your favorite horse pictures * No Internet access required SUBMIT YOUR HORSE PICTURES AND STORY Do you want your pictures to be a in the app? Please visit www.NatureMobile.org website to submit pictures. Every serious, curious, and hilarious picture is highly appreciated! High-quality pictures may be considered for future updates. ABOUT NATURE MOBILE The mission of NATURE MOBILE is to present exciting topics from nature and other areas to a wide audience of interested people, enthusiasts and experts in a clear and attractive way. If you are an author or photographer, if you have fascinating ideas or content, please contact us at support@naturemobile.org. We will work together to find a win-win solution. NATURE MOBILE is a community of enthusiasts and experts in the natural sciences and engineering that is organized by Dr. Daniel ODRY. CHECK OUT MORE APPS BY NATURE MOBILE AND ALPHABLIND * Birds PRO by NATURE MOBILE * iKnow Dogs / Dogs PRO * iKnow Cats / Cats PRO * Ginny Pigs and Hamsters * wildTunes * Bugs and Spiders * Custom Horror * Mirror of Truth * and many others


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