**Mönsterserie: ABAB, AABA, AABB, ABC…; **Mönstersammansättning: Färger, Stora bokstäver (versaler), Små bokstäver (gemener), Siffror ** Ljudning (ljuda ...

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**Mönsterserie: ABAB, AABA, AABB, ABC…; **Mönstersammansättning: Färger, Stora bokstäver (versaler), Små bokstäver (gemener), Siffror ** Ljudning (ljuda delarna) Pattern recognition and completion represent an important developmental skill for preschool children by expanding their intelligence quotient (IQ). It is a cognitive exercise for your child’s brain. Caboose requires the child to compare concepts and recognize patterns. The process of comparing helps the child prepare for learning to recognize shapes, colors, numbers, etc. * Pattern type(s): ABAB, AABA, AABB, ABC…; * Pattern content: shapes, colors, letters (upper/lower case), numbers, mix of any previous patterns (colors and shapes, numbers and letters, shapes and numbers…); * Narration for each pattern item; * Choice of narration with names or sounds (phonics) of the letters; * Option to drag-and-drop or tap the correct item to continue the pattern; * Caboose helps your child acquire analytical and logical thinking. (Special thanks to Susanne Harelius who translated the original Caboose into Swedish) WATCH VIDEO: For comments and suggestions go to: - Thank you! @Reks (aka AtReks) Apps are designed in compliance with Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule (COPPA). PRIVACY DISCLOSURE: - Does not contain ads. - Does not contain in-app purchases. - Does not contain integration with social networks. - Does not use analytics / data collection tools. - Does include links to apps by @Reks in the iTunes App Store hidden in the settings section behind child-proof settings button (press and hold). For comments and suggestions or to check our Privacy Policy go to: - Thank you!


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Version: 1.1

Size: 8.16 MB


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Developed by @Reks

Day of release: 2012-08-25

Recommended age: 4+

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