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Cache Vault Free

Designed exclusively for the Apple iPhone™ and iPod® touch, Cache Vault Free provides a secure storage for up to 30 of your credit cards, bank accounts, ...

Discontinued App


Designed exclusively for the Apple iPhone™ and iPod® touch, Cache Vault Free provides a secure storage for up to 30 of your credit cards, bank accounts, Internet accounts, identifications, properties and membership information. It features industry standard encryption for data protection, trueDial™ for intuitive and secure passcode entry, Cache Paw™ browser for automatic web site sign-on, and user configurable vacantVault™ self-destruct mechanism for maximum security. ✓ Now you can transfer Cache Vault Free content to your other iOS device via password protected e-mail attachment*. Keep all of your iOS devices in sync without extra software or costly subscription. Use your e-mail service as a cost free way to backup your records! ✓ Backup and restore Cache Vault Free content with your MobileMe account at anytime from anywhere over any available data network with no other software to buy! ✓ Look for Cache Vault on the App Store if you like Cache Vault Free but need to store more records. Simply use the e-mail record transfer feature to transfer your existing records when you upgrade! Store your credit card information, ATM PIN numbers, web account passwords, passport information, software license, airline and hotel reward memberships in an encryption secured digital vault on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch so that they are always there when you need them. Use different PIN number or password for each account to make the accounts more secure, yet not worry about forgetting any of them because Cache Vault Free stores them securely on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Cache Vault Free features the trueDial secure interface for better passcode protection. When using an on-screen keyboard to enter password, it is very easy to leave visible fingerprints on the glossy touch screen. This opens the possibility for thieves to better guess your password by observing the discrete location of these fingerprints. When you use trueDial, you leave behind fingerprint streaks rather than discrete fingerprint spots on the touch screen. It eliminates the possibility of others guessing your password by examining fingerprints on the touch screen. It is a higher degree of security designed and engineered exclusively for Cache Vault and Cache Vault Free. Cache Vault Free employs industry standard AES-256 encryption to safely protect all your personal information. AES-256 encryption has been approved by the U.S. government for protecting government classified top secret documents. Cache Vault Free also features the vacantVault self-destruct mechanism. It destroys all records in the vault when the number of failed unlock attempt exceeds the limit configured by the user. Data self-destruct is essential for portable, mobile devices that contain sensitive private information. Cache Paw is an embedded web browser in Cache Vault Free to easily and securely log you into your favorite web sites. Cache Vault Free is a standalone application for storing personal information on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Cache Vault Free relies on iTunes sync on your MobileMe account or e-mail account to backup its content. Please visit Cache Ideas web site for more information. *E-mail records as attachment available in devices running iOS 3.0 and later version only. Import records from e-mail attachment available in devices running iOS 4.0 and later version only.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.7.9

Size: 530.61 KB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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