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CalPhone is an organizer for your tasks, events and notes. It is an all-in-one calendar with a rich advanced features set, including: ADVANCED CALENDAR • ...

Discontinued App


CalPhone is an organizer for your tasks, events and notes. It is an all-in-one calendar with a rich advanced features set, including: ADVANCED CALENDAR • Supports multiple calendars, color code and put them in the same view. • Calendars can be merged. • Lunar date supported. • Tasks and notes are integrated with calendar events. • See events, tasks and notes in all views: Day, Week, Month or List. • Group events, tasks and notes by Calendars, Dates, Manual or Contexts. • Free/Busy shows you how much free time you have left in all views. • Flexible weekday starts, working day hours and sorting. • Search in advanced. SAVE YOUR TIME - QUICK CREATE • Events, tasks and notes can be created anywhere with minimum of taps. • Drag and drop task, event and note anywhere to change its time automatically or convert it quickly. EVENT AND TASK • Integrated with Contacts to add invitees, or sharing. • Alert with snooze. • Priority task with important levels. • Sorting tasks with different criteria. • Completed tasks can be exported to many kinds of file format so that you can read them on PC. SMART SCHEDULER • Schedule your tasks one by one, in groups, or all at once. • The application will fit your list of tasks into your calendar by booking function. CHECKLIST • Sub tasks can be formatted as checklists so you know what needs to be done and what you have already accomplished. • Easy to show/hide completed checks. POWERFUL NOTE • Multiple notes per day. • Many kinds of note: text note, hand drawing note, voice note, video note, photo note...or combining all of them into one note. • Many kinds of drawing supported: solid or outline line, different color... • Many kinds of text format: font, styles, color... • Directly create task or event from a note or part of note. LINK DATA • Tasks, events and notes can be linked together to make them into workflows. • They can also link to photo, audio, video, document files... not just inside your device, but also from web. INVITATION/SHARING • Send/receive invitation your task or event to a list other CalPhone users via email. • Data can be shared with your friends via VigCloud. SMART TIMER • Tasks can be timed, just set the timer. • Timer logs can be exported to many kinds of file format. • Set multiple timing for a single task. THINGS ON MAP • Show your tasks, events and notes, that are around your current location, on an embedded map with adjustable distance. SYNCHRONIZATION • Task can be synced with Google tasks, built-in Reminders and Toodledo. • Event can be directly synced with Google calendar and built-in calendar, where you can sync data to Outlook, Mobile Me, etc. • CalPhone can sync with other CalPhone/CalPad/AweCal/VigCal/VigTask/VigNote (Mac or iOS version) via VigCloud. • Sync with multiple devices via VigCloud. BACKUP • Your data can be backup automatically (or manually) for future restoring. PRINT, FACEBOOK, PDF, CSV AND EMAIL • Data can be printed anywhere. • Data can be posted to Facebook from anywhere. • Data can be exported as PDF/CSV/Photo and sent via email. INTUITIVE INTERFACE • Many kinds of skins. • Data can be viewed as list or folders. • Clean looking and easy to understand. • Minimal click/type to enter your data. • Easy to complete task with one click. More and more advanced features need you to explore...


Technical specifications

Version: 3.3.6

Size: 11.27 MB


Price: 2,69 €


Day of release: 2011-10-28

Recommended age: 4+

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