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KineMath Calc101 helps teachers and students of mathematics with the exploration of the basic concepts of calculus. Its clear and intuitive user interface ...

Discontinued App


KineMath Calc101 helps teachers and students of mathematics with the exploration of the basic concepts of calculus. Its clear and intuitive user interface provides an unparalleled representation of tangent lines, derivatives, anti-derivatives, areas under the curve and integrals. These are the topics that constitute the core foundation of any introductory calculus course. KineMath Calc101 exploits the versatility and touch capability of the iPad to bring the beauty of mathematics to the fingertips of teachers and students of calculus. The App provides a dynamic way for the user to interact and explore these ideas, providing an amazing visual representation of the concepts studied. The Tangent Line Application The Tangent Line application provides the mechanics to explore the functions that are most widely used in a high school course. The main slider scans the function while having options to plot a Track Point on the function, its tangent line at that particular point and the derivative of the function in question. All of these are controlled by switches that can be turned ON and OFF. As was the case in the previous KineMath app, all functions have a set of parameters that are controlled by sliders. Pinching and panning gestures are of course available, in order to give the user a sense of control over the plots that are being studied. Pinching does work on independent directions, allowing for full manipulation of the functions. The equations of the tangent line and derivative function do appear when their switches are turned ON, providing a dynamic equation that listens to every change of the main parameters. All sliders in this app can be customized to vary their range or to pick specific values that might otherwise be difficult to reach. The main equation of the function that is being explored will always appear in green. Pressing the camera icon does save the graphing view as an image to the main photo library of the iPad. This feature allows the user to export images for many other purposes, like email or print. The Riemann Sum Application The Riemann Sum application is a typical exploration of left, right, midpoint and trapezoid sums. The user has the ability to vary the values of “a” and “b”, while having the freedom to pick up to 50 elements or subdivisions. Recall that this application is intended as an exploration to facilitate the understanding of Riemann Sums. Typically, only a few rectangles or elements are needed to visualize these ideas. Calc 101 does have some computation ability: It calculates the corresponding areas for each sum, given certain value of “n”, the number of subdivisions. The bottom left of the screen shows a table with all the corresponding values, including Simpson’s rule, which is just a weighted average of the midpoint and trapezoid rule. The “Detail Areas” button at the bottom of the screen provides a popover view with a table that shows the values of areas of all the individual subdivisions for each sum. Tapping one of these cells will highlight the corresponding region in the graph.


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