The most comprehensive, best selling Mortgage Calculator App in the App Store with 225,000 users. Two calculators in ONE APP! Advanced analysis on the ...

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The most comprehensive, best selling Mortgage Calculator App in the App Store with 225,000 users. Two calculators in ONE APP! Advanced analysis on the go. Unique features no other loan calculator offers. See impact of Tax savings on your affordability. Extended Amortization. Loan advise. Beautifully rendered Graphs. Total costs allow you to make smart decisions. * Also available as an Ad-free version-Search for "CalcsPro". 1) Simple =============== * Designed for people with a need for on-the-go and simple analysis. * Simple Input Methods. Use the glide of your finger to quickly try different scenarios. * See calculations change in real time! 2) Extended ================= * Helps you to beat the lender at his/her own game! Understand terms like DTI, LTV, etc. * Designed for people who want to conduct detailed analysis about their situation, and understand loan criteria used by lenders. * Input values as either a percent or an absolute amount. * Click on the ⓘ icon to see help & advice on the topic. * Analyze multiple loans for multiple properties. Unique features common to both Calculators ============================================ * Wicked fast; designed for attractive, simple usability with field navigation between text fields (similar to Safari). * See estimated Tax Savings. The savings calculations are automatically capped based on tax-filling-status. * Beautifully rendered Graphs help you visualize and understand easily. * E-Mail Loan Summary, Total Costs, Amortization Table etc. to yourself or a friend. * Loan Term can be Years AND Months (not just Years). * Ability to Input "Other Tax Deductible Expenses". * See Effective Monthly Payment (i.e. amount after Estimated Tax Savings). * See Monthly Payment broken down into various components (such as PITI, PITI + MI etc.) * See Total costs over 5, 7, etc. years (not just over life!). * Pick the date of the first payment and see not one, but ** TWO ** types of Amortization tables! A "Simple" Amortization table shows all the information in a compact table format which can also be e-mailed to yourself or a friend. An "Extended" Amortization table puts a lot of detailed information at your finger tips (See below). THE MOST COMPREHENSIVE "Extended" AMORTIZATION TABLE ====================================================== # Results broken into Sections by year. # Jump to a year directly using an index similar to Apple's Contacts application. # See how much interest you would be paying in a certain year (for Schedule-A tax deduction calculations). # See Effective Monthly Payment for a Month (i.e. after tax savings). # See how much you could save due to tax benefits (in a year or in a month). # See Interest & Principle for a month. # See Cumulative Interest Paid & Principle Paid. # See Loan Balance Due.


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