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*Featured in What´s Hot on iTunes* *Featured in New & Noteworthy by Apple* *Updated for iOS 7 and a 64-bit version added! Calculator for iPad, ...

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*Featured in What´s Hot on iTunes* *Featured in New & Noteworthy by Apple* *Updated for iOS 7 and a 64-bit version added! Calculator for iPad, iPhone and iTouch all in the same App. The BEST Calculator â€â€ Just try it for free! Ever lost your train of thought half way through a calculation and thought how handy it would be to have a print out or e-mail of your work? Features: - Have all the calculation history printed for you. - Correct with a backspace key if you enter a wrong digit without having to redo all. - Email, PDF or Print the calculation history. - PDF the Tape and access previous in the Documents Folder. - Exchange Documents in iTunes or open in iBooks, Email, etc. - Rename and share PDF documents. - Copy and Paste numbers to other Apps, by tapping on the display. - Change number display to Fixed, Scientific, etc., by tapping on the display. - Customize you background, fixed digits, fonts, colors and sizes. - Customize the Tape font, size and color. - An audible sound confirms if you have pressed a button, which can be easily disabled by touching the speaker. - Show calculations on an Apple TV or an external monitor with a cable. - Previous calculation is repeated when the equal sign is pressed. - Grand Total calculated. - Numbers in Memory may be logged to the Tape. - A visible and audible error when trying to divide by zero or take the square root of a negative number. - Numbers are shown in local format, depending on your Region Formats, i.e. comma used in Europe. NOTE: - No data is collected or information gathered on the user or the App usage! - This FREE App is supported by advertisements, but is a fully functional version.


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Version: 3.60

Size: 14.25 MB


Price: $ 0.00

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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