Calendar Upgrade is not a calendar itself – it adds capabilities to your existing iPhone calendar, making scheduling easy. Create custom repeating events ...

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Calendar Upgrade is not a calendar itself – it adds capabilities to your existing iPhone calendar, making scheduling easy. Create custom repeating events (second Tues., etc.), create or delete multiple events at once, easily search and replace, and send events to other people. Need to schedule an appointment in 6 weeks? Calendar Upgrade tells you the day, shows you your calendar, and allows you to add an event. There are also custom alerts and event sharing. You can keep using your iPhone calendar and syncing the way you normally do. Current Capabilities: Custom repeating events (e.g. second and fourth Fridays, last Wednesdays, all Tuesdays and Thursdays, every 10 days, etc.) Add multiple days. Pick and choose dates from a calendar, enter the name, select the time. One click adds all of the events. This is great for scheduling sporting events or exams. Share events via email. You can send a list of events to someone as text, or, if they have Calendar Upgrade, they can select and add them directly to their calendar. I sent my daughter's volleyball schedule to my daughter, husband, mother, and in-laws all at once. Delete multiple events. Just select them and click the trash can. This is perfect if you are going on vacation and want to delete all of your regularly-scheduled work events. Find X days/weeks/months/years from now. Tired of counting the weeks on your calendar to schedule your next haircut? CalendarUp will tell you the date, show your current events, and allow you to add an event around that date. View / Search your current events. It's easy to see all of your events and scroll forward or backwards in time. Custom alerts / alarms Send events to someone with the Calendar Upgrade app. They can add the events directly to their calendar! Edit individual events Select multiple events and replace the title, location, start or end time. Coming Soon: iPad version Schedule notification to tell you your schedule every morning. More … Examples: I added my daughter's entire volleyball schedule by selecting all of the days on a calendar grid and hitting one button. I then used the replace feature to add the location as "home" for all of the home games. I sent the entire volleyball schedule to my husband so he didn't have to enter all of the games into his calendar. At the hair stylist, I needed to make an appointment 6 weeks from now - it was easy with CalendarUp! At work, I pay for coffee every 10 weeks. I added a repeating event for every 10 weeks, now I won't forget. I also added two alarms - in case I miss the first one. I am a teacher and was able to enter all of my exam days at once. I'm going on vacation, so I deleted all of my work meetings by selecting them and hitting the trash can. I don't want to see them while I'm away! I have book club on the 2nd Fridays of each month and I was able to add that as one repeating event. I like to use the View/Search/Replace screen to see my upcoming schedule. I couldn't remember when my next dentist appointment was, so I searched on dentist and found it immediately. I misspelled a location on a repeating event, so I did a quick search and replace to fix just the part of the word that was misspelled.


Technical specifications

Version: 2.0

Size: 865.03 KB


Price: 1,99 €

Developed by Laura Garrison

Day of release: 2014-06-25

Recommended age: 4+

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