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Calevents lets you sort and view your work, personal and family iCal appointments all in 1 place, no matter how many calendars you use. No more keeping ...

Discontinued App


Calevents lets you sort and view your work, personal and family iCal appointments all in 1 place, no matter how many calendars you use. No more keeping your appointments organized by putting them in a different calendar. No more hassle with forgetting to update multiple calendars. Calevents makes it easy for you! Calevents introduces customizable event types to the iPhone/iPod Touch. Event types are defined by one or many search words or phrases. Types are automatically assigned to all your appointments by matching a type’s search-words to the appointment’s title. Calevents then allows you to control which types, and therefore which appointments, are visible in each of the 4 views. Calevents integrates directly with your present calendar information as shown in the iCal calendar app' that comes with all iOS devices.  Changes in iCal are automatically synched with Calevents and vice versa.  Any iCal integration with external calendars will also be included automatically in Calevents. Example Usages... * Separate work events such as Conference, Meetings, Lectures and Deadlines from leisure time ones such as Tennis, Golf and Vacations. * View only family events by creating an event type called "Family" with your loved one’s names for the search terms.  Then assign this "Family" type to be the only type shown in one of your views.  Alternatively, assign a type per family member with their own picture as the type’s icon.  Then assign all of these types to the single "Family" view. * Follow a sport team? Create types for home and away events and assign different icon images to each. Then have a single uncluttered view showing just your team’s fixtures. Features... * Quick start with default event types, views and icons. There’s no setup involved, your meetings, birthdays, lunches, etc will be typed and separated from first execution * Always shows from today to a year from today * Unlimited user definable types with unlimited search terms * Add your own event type icons from the camera, photo library or the web * 4 user definable event views * Intelligent event listing shows events in logical time periods e.g. “Now”, "Today", "Tomorrow", "Next Week" * Add new events to a specific time period e.g. Add an event to "Tomorrow" and the new event will default to 9am tomorrow * In-App translation of time period names * Event details shows countdown to start or end of event depending on if the event is in the future or happening now * Event details allows searching event "Location" using the maps app and displaying of a webpage mention in event "Notes" What’s Coming... * Calevents is an on going project so please use the in-app comments page to feedback any new feature requests.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.50

Size: 1.36 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by Damibu Ltd

Day of release: 2011-06-17

Recommended age: 4+

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