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Calixa Code Breaker

A NEW ORIGINAL AND FREE PUZZLE GAME! If you`re fond of puzzle and brain games, come decode more than a hundred of safes combinations with Calixa, ...

Discontinued App


A NEW ORIGINAL AND FREE PUZZLE GAME! If you’re fond of puzzle and brain games, come decode more than a hundred of safes combinations with Calixa, a world-kown robber! But the police is chasing you, so you will have to be quick to escape with full pockets! A GAME OF LOGIC BASED ON MATHS! The pitch: You’ll play Calixa, a famous robber stealing banks from town to town all over Europe. But to retire early in the Caribbean, she’ll have to be smart and play with numbers to unlock the safes... All the more since time is running out and the police could arrive at any time and catch you! THE PUZZLE THAT’S GONNA CHANGE YOU FROM SUDOKU! Sudoku’s fan? You’ll love Calixa - Code Breaker! Forget the boring grids of numbers, here you’re gonna have to rack your brain to solve the mathemathic combinations of the banks safes. How to play? It’s very simple, you’ll only have to be logical ! Concretely, you will be facing a combination made of several rings of numbers. You’ll have to swap the blocks of numbers on the exterior ring, so that their sum equals the number on the interior ring. Of course, operations will become more difficult as the levels increase: so expect more rings, subtractions and multipliers! A FUN AND FREE BRAIN TRAINING GAME! Calixa - Code Breaker is a free puzzle game using logic and based on mathematics. A fun way to train your mental math skills! In Calixa, you will find: - More than 100 safes to unlock, - Safes spreading over 9 different cities, - Extra cities to unlock... and other suprises, - Harder combinations as you pass levels, - The add of negatives and multipliers, - And bonus items to help you make better scores, distrurb the police, or have more money in the safes! Discover also Calixa - Code Breaker on Facebook, to challenge your friends an beat their scores!


Technical specifications

Version: 1.3

Size: 20.39 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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