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Call forwarding (or call divert) is for redirect all your incoming calls to a specific number based on your line status (busy, no reply, no answer). "This ...

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Call forwarding (or call divert) is for redirect all your incoming calls to a specific number based on your line status (busy, no reply, no answer). "This appl. should have been provided as a basic feature from Apple." Tested and works in these countries: USA (At & T ), Canada (Forwarding must be activated with Roger), Mexico,Argentina,Brazil UK, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, Spain, Russia,Romania, Hungary, Czech rep.,Croatia,Slovenia, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Portugal Kuwait, Arab Emirates,Saudi Arabia, Pakistan,India,Malaysia, Hong Kong,Thailand,Singapore Australia, New Zeeland (New codeset must be applied after install) And everywhere else. Installs with USA AT & T compatible codes (generic, works in almost all EU and Asia and Africa countries). The application generates call forward codes for any selected contacts. After the codes are generated, you can select the new contact and dial the forwarding code. Your GSM network will do the rest. You can set up separate contacts for busy, no reply or unavailable status or you can forward all incoming calls with the codes. Reviews: "This is a simple app, but convienent if you want to set up forwarding to different contacts and under different conditions. I use a 3rd party voicemail service and this quickly set me up with a one touch contact to start and stop forwarding. Yes, you can do this with out this application, but for 99 cents, it saved me a lot of typing and figuring out." - US appstore "I've been flying a lot between Germany and Switzerland therefore I own two mobile phones. Arriving in Germany I wanted to make the German iPhone working and to forward the incoming calls on the Swiss mobile to the voicemail. However, in a couple of days returning to Switzerland I intended to set up vice versa. This was a real PAIN with the iPhone factory settings... Now, with 'Call Forward' life became much easier: I can setup call forwarding with one click - and that's all. Simple, easy and great!" - Switzerland From our support mails: "hi I just downloaded this app n I want to send someones call to forward not all of my contacts just one person" This is not possible with GSM call forwarding, sorry!


Technical specifications

Version: 2.0

Size: 137.7 KB


Price: 0,84 €

Developed by Game4mob

Day of release: 2009-12-2

Recommended age: 4+

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