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In this recent update children can now express positive feelings of when they are happy or calm. They also have the power to type in their own feelings. Children ...

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In this recent update children can now express positive feelings of when they are happy or calm. They also have the power to type in their own feelings. Children swipe to the left or right to match feelings and situations together. Older children practice their reading skills as they view all of the different options. Younger children will need support to read. Research states that water is calming for a child's sensory system, so we have added a water timer. Rain droplets drip into a creek for one minute. The water timer can be used: • To help children wait for their turn • To calm down after a tantrum or meltdown • As a stress management tool, children practise deep breathing as they watch the water rise. • To practice focus and attention skills • To prepare children for a new activity to begin, or an activity to end. " When the water reaches the top, it's time to stop watching television.” • Independently by the child A better understanding of time can relieve a child’s stress and anxiety, helping to make playing and learning more enjoyable. A tool to help parents and therapists with their children’s behaviour. Developed from research with therapists, parents and children. From the eyes of a child: “Expressing my feelings is hard for me, Sometimes things don’t go my way, and I don’t know what to say. Help me to practice talking about my feelings, play with me in the spinning feelings game, help me to learn that peoples feelings aren’t all the same. Tell me stories, in real situations, in real life. I press the picture and it talks for me, Watch me, Do you understand why I feel this way? Sometimes things are too loud for me, Sometimes I can’t make you see, what I can see, I don’t like it when you change things without telling me. Sometimes you tell me that I am wrong, I don’t know how to tell my mind to be strong. Calm talk games help me to take a break, I listen to sounds down by the lake. I pop bubbles to calm my mind. I learn how to stop, breathe and count to 5. I feel calmer, when I go to sleep at night and mum turns out the light." Features: • Simple Assisted Augmentative Communication (AAC). Children press speak all button, and it sequences words into sentences. • Colours to sort categories in AAC • Spinning arrow. Children tap on feeling picture and it gives them a voice. • Simple pictures • Calming music with photographs • Interactive balloon. (Developing self control skills). • Different drawing backgrounds for self-expression • Interactive water play with croaking frog. • Imitation bubble wrap for popping • Voice recorder and email button. Child must hold button down while they talk. • Tap and talk for iPhone and iPad. • Drag and Drop for iPad. Check out a quick walkthrough at


Technical specifications

Version: 1.8

Size: 16.13 MB


Price: 1,70 €

Developed by James Munro

Day of release: 2013-07-15

Recommended age: 4+

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