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Camino del Salvador

GUARANTEED to work with iOS 7.x Now in their third year the wisepilgrim guides are the definitive app to help you to Santiago de Compostela. Built off ...

Discontinued App

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GUARANTEED to work with iOS 7.x Now in their third year the wisepilgrim guides are the definitive app to help you to Santiago de Compostela. Built off the hand written notes of a veteran pilgrim, the app is updated monthly with new content and new features. There are 6 guides in the series, and this one covers the Camino del Salvador, or San Salvador as it is sometimes called. The route runs North from León to the capital of Asturias, Oviedo. Redesigned for iOS7 and now works almost exclusively offline. To use the map features, or to share your comments with other guide owners, will require a data connection. As more an more albergues share their WiFi this becomes less of an issue, and the guide will tell you which ones offer WiFi. FEATURES: Albergue Directory.  A full directory of Albergues, and notes on which towns have alternative accommodation like camping, hotels, pensions, and casas rurales. Stage Guide.  Full directory of villages along the way, in the order in which you pass them, with accurate listings of what services are available. Location Aware. Every location is geo-located.  Devices with GPS enabled will display actual distance from every point (albergue, church, city, etc.) within the app.  Devices without GPS will instead show measured distances between points. Photos. Photos of albergues, monuments and other points of interest along the way are currently viewable while online from within the app.  Maps.  If you have a data connection, or are connected to wifi, you can view the locations of every point  on a map. Unfortunately, this feature is unavailable without a connection. Scrollable Elevation Map.  This one is hard to show with just a screenshot, but the elevation that appears at the top of every city page scrolls South to North.  One complete elevation, from León to Oviedo, uninterrupted by page folds. Comments.  Albergue closed early for the season?  Have a restaurant that you want to share, or perhaps one to warn others about?  Every location in the app gives you the opportunity to leave a comment and to read the comments left by others.  These comments are also used to keep the app up to date.  No registration necessary. INSTANT UPDATES:  This is the only guide that is always up to date.  Whether you plan to walk next week, or next year, up to date information can be re-downloaded and stored from within the app. This applies for the photos as well, most of which will be added this summer. FUTURE ROADMAP: Future updates are already being developed. Better data synchronization and bundled downloads are in the works. Please contact me if you have any questions. Buen Camino!


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