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CanMEDS Springboards for Pediatrics

Here is a clinical scenario: You are completing a chart note on the CTU, and you overhear a Senior Pediatric resident reviewing a case with a medical ...

Discontinued App


Here is a clinical scenario: You are completing a chart note on the CTU, and you overhear a Senior Pediatric resident reviewing a case with a medical student. The resident is getting very upset and frustrated with needing to repeat direction to the student. This student has been struggling and has needed extra assistance with following up test results. The student appears in tears. How can you use this scenario to teach physician competencies to a resident or medical student? It’s easy and fast with the CanMEDS Springboards mobile app for Pediatricians! How does it work? To get you started, the app is loaded with 72 searchable, peer-reviewed clinical scenarios and suggested teaching moments for all 7 CanMEDS Roles. In the case presented above, the teaching moment covers the Health Advocate, Manager, Medical Expert and Collaborator Roles. Practical teaching moments on common clinical scenarios… on the fly! AUDIENCE This app was designed for those in the Pediatrics field who play the role of teacher to medical students, junior or senior residents as well as other health professional learners . This includes, but is not limited to Pediatricians, Family Physicians, allied health faculty and residents. While the Springboards app is specialty-specific, there are many scenarios that are also common in other fields. Examples of common trigger words that transcend specialties include items such as: health promotion, interprofessional relations, staying current in your practice, ethical issues, conflict resolution, disclosing, navigating the healthcare system, patient safety, and many more. FEATURES The CanMEDS Springboards is designed to: 1. Search for clinical scenarios, also known as springboards, that lend themselves to CanMEDS teaching moments; 2. Create your own common springboards; 3. Tag your favourite springboards for easy retrieval - simply touch the star appearing before the springboard; 4. Log teaching moments- either through springboards programmed in the app, those you create yourself, or through generic/blank springboards that allows you to track general CanMEDS teaching moments that are not associated with a springboard; and 5. Track your teaching moments and share/email teaching data (e.g. topics, types of learners, amount of time clinically teaching, etc.). You can take advantage of these features for personal planning, or to share teaching charts or springboards with othersâ€â€chiefs, department heads, etc. 6. Customize specific teaching tips for your own use and subsequently share them with other app users.


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