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This App contains photographs of all Cang Xin’s artworks since 1994, including those that have been shown for many times on international exhibitions ...

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This App contains photographs of all Cang Xin’s artworks since 1994, including those that have been shown for many times on international exhibitions and those been collected by notable artistic organizations and collectors. This App also contains reviews and interview articles from four world-famous critics and curators as well as one artist statement, in which Cang has made a vivid depiction of his artistic experience as well as featured interpretation of his own artistic creation and concept. This App presents photographs of Cang at his sole exhibition, at his studio as well as in life. Cang Xin's Artworks Show: - Cang Xin has redefined the meaning of performance art in his own way. His way is a shamanic vision of art located somewhere between sorcery, performance art and interaction; or to put it another way, Cang Xin’s art and identity move between the revelations of the shaman, the expression of the artist and the social experiments of the paranormal scientist. - For Cang Xin, it seems that art is not purely art, but the actions of a modern-day shaman that borrow the name of art. This gives his performance work a multi-layered quality, and blurs the boundaries of art itself. As an important representative of 1990s performance art in China, Cang Xin’s performance art definitely has a strong experimental quality concerned with the relationship between body and soul. App Features: -Around 400 pieces of artworks since 1994; - Full round Photographs, including artist in life, at studio and exhibition sites; - 20 super-size HD digital artworks regularly updated, containing Cang’s electronic signature; -Cang’s Biography, resume, reviews by critics and videos of his reviews or works; - Sharing the App or any of the works with friends on Twitter, Facebook and Sina Microblog; - All artworks available for sale on Artdepot.cn. Notice: The App is operated in iOS 4 or higher edition operation system. The digital artworks require network supporting for super-sized HD photographs. Please keep connected to the network while downloading.


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Version: 1.0

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Developed by Artdepot Co., Ltd.

Day of release: 2011-12-21

Recommended age: 17+

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