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Canon Rebel T3i HD from QuickPro

Want to Take Photos Like a Pro with your new Canon Rebel T3i? The Answer Will Now Be on your iPad. With iPad Camera Guides from QuickPro, you'll never ...

Discontinued App


Want to Take Photos Like a Pro with your new Canon Rebel T3i? The Answer Will Now Be on your iPad. With iPad Camera Guides from QuickPro, you'll never have to miss the shot of your life again. Easy to use, full color video guides and tools to all the top digital models are available for quick reference and review on your Apple iPad. QuickPro Camera Guides, the leading producer of Camera Guide tutorials, announces Canon Rebel T3i. Now you have ready to go instruction of all camera functions where you need it and when you need it. Really want to capture the Colosseum and Pantheon on your trip to Rome? Take along your iPad and, while you're on the plane, enjoy a Pro training session with a QuickPro Camera Guide specialist. It's as easy as picking up the phone. Includes a 20% discount off the purchase of our many QuickPro Camera Guide Series available at quickprocameraguides.com Provides: - Camera body tour of the buttons on your T3i - Instructional video on all aspects of the Canon Rebel T3i and photography. - On the go video playback. No WIFI required after initial install for watching in the field. - Interactive search to find information on particular camera features. - Settings slate enables you to customize a screen on your iPad indicating where the photo was shot, GPS location, Who, When, Aperture, Shutter Speed, IOS Speed, Lens and Focal Length. Canon T3i Subjects Include: - Camera Tour of T3i - Camera Buttons and Dials - Shooting Modes - Inserting and Formatting an SD Card - Using the Flash Button - Mounting/Dismounting a Lens - Lens Selection - Adjusting the Diopter - Using the Quick Control Screen - Drive Modes - Image Quality and File Management - RAW vs. JPEG - RAW Image Files - JPEG Image Files - Image Quality Settings - Image File Management - Metering and Exposure - Exposure and Metering Modes - Shooting Modes - Program AE Mode - Shutter Priority Mode - Aperture Priority Mode - Manual Mode - A-DEP Mode - ISO Selection - Live View and Movie Mode - Live View Shooting - Quick Control in Live View - Autofocus in Live View - Movie Recording - Manual Exposure in Movie Recording - Movie Recording Size - Playback - Basic Playback - Protecting Images - Creative Filters - Playback Screens - Focus Modes and Image Sharpness - Focus Modes - AF Point Selection - Camera Shake - Menu System - Shooting Menus - Playback Menus - Setup Menus - My Menu - White Balance, Picture Styles, and Highlight Tone Priority - White Balance - Setting a Custom White Balance - Picture Styles - Highlight Tone Priority - Using the Built-In Flash - Flash Exposure Compensation - Chapter 10 – Review and Scenarios - Portrait Scenario - Landscape Scenario - Sporting Event Scenario This training content was produced by QuickPro, LLC. This product is not sponsored by Canon, Corp. or its subsidiaries. Canon Product Names and terminology are trademarks of Canon, Corp.


Technical specifications

Version: 2.2.03

Size: 848.45 MB


Price: 22,31 €

Developed by Netframes

Day of release: 2011-04-29

Recommended age: 4+

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