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Captains Courageous Audio Book

*** On Sale Now! (Normal price $2.99) *** The spoiled son of a millionaire, Harvey Cheyne is used to living a life of luxury. But when an accident at ...

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*** On Sale Now! (Normal price $2.99) *** The spoiled son of a millionaire, Harvey Cheyne is used to living a life of luxury. But when an accident at sea brings him to the deck of a Massachusetts fishing boat, he is suddenly thrown into a world he knows nothing about. Captains Courageous is a wonderful story of a pampered and indulged boy, the son of a millionaire, named Harvey Cheyne. He has no responsibilities and is given anything he wants. He lacks respect for anyone and that includes himself. He is washed overboard from a luxury liner while on a trip with his mother and is picked up by a fishing boat. The fishing boat cannot return him immediately because they have a crew that needs to earn a living. Harvey's family presumes that he is dead, drowned at sea. The story of Harvey's growing up involves responsibility, hard work, trust and honor. Rudyard Kipling tells the story marvelously. The story is brilliantly crafted and a pure delight to read. The language of the story gives it the feel of the times and helps illustrate the rough lifestyles involved. This is a grand morality tale of adventure, human nature and the value of real love. Can Harvey endure the back-breaking work of a fisherman? Will he ever see his parents again? Will he survive in a world where money does not matter, and laziness can lead to death on the high seas? Rudyard Kipling, the Nobel Prize-winning author of the Jungle Book, brought you another masterpiece. This audio book application contains audio files for all chapters in one download, so you can listen to the book on the go without the need for an internet connection. Hence the application size is a little big, and you may need to download it over WiFi connection or through iTunes on your PC or Mac. Audio Book Features ==> Pause/resume function Track progress slider Volume slider Easy navigation Offline viewing and listening without internet connection If you like this audio book, please check out other great audio books at www.awaudiobooks.com! *** On Sale Now! (Normal price $2.99) ***


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