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Car Transplants - www.car-transplants.co.uk Repairables & Salvage: 01606 553200 Parts & Tyres: 01270 627919 / 626266 We specialise in Repairable Salvage ...

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Car Transplants - www.car-transplants.co.uk Repairables & Salvage: 01606 553200 Parts & Tyres: 01270 627919 / 626266 We specialise in Repairable Salvage Vehicles for sale, Auctioning Vehicles Online, Supplying Breaking Vehicles, Supplying Used & Recycles Car Parts and End of Life Vehicle Recycling & Depolution. Our App allows you to browse our vehicles and parts and you can directly purchase any of our priced parts using PayPal. Salvage cars that are repairable cars consists of vehicles classed as uneconomic to repair by insurance companies using new parts and high hourly labour rates. All vehicles offered for sale have been categorised as suitable for legitimate repair in accordance with ABI guidelines. This provides an ideal opportunity for our customers, using their own labour and second hand or pattern auto parts to keep costs down, resulting in a vehicle considerably cheaper than forecourt prices. With over 750 damaged repairable and stolen/recovered vehicles for sale at any one time and as many being collected each month, there is a constant turnover of late model stock. Car Transplants source stock direct from several leading UK insurance companies and may be damaged cars also damaged vans or stolen/recovered, have components missing or have flood water damage. Our many contracts with insurers guarantees that our auto salvage operation has a constant supply of car salvage, commercial salvage, motorcycle salvage, truck salvage, agricultural equipment including tractor salvage, plant and caravans. Breaking vehicles are a source of used and recycled parts. Car Transplants removes and checks any parts that can be reused off of a vehicle before it is sent to the crusher. These parts become available to the public and are a good source of cheap and low cost genuine parts. Parts are listed that are available off of breaking vehicles that have been removed, checked and stored in our parts warehouse. Other parts are available that may still be on a breaking vehicle or may be in the process of being dismantled. Our online auction lists some of our repairable vehicles for sale directly on the website. You must register before being able to bid on the site. The app currently only displays the vehicle information, and will in the future allow for bidding and add my account features. ABARTH parts, AIXAM parts, ALFA ROMEO parts, ASTON MARTIN parts, AUDI parts, AUSTIN parts, B M W parts, BEDFORD parts, BENTLEY parts, BMW parts, CADILLAC parts, CARBODIES parts, CHEVROLET parts, CHRYSLER parts, CITROEN parts, DAEWOO parts, DAIHATSU parts, DAIMLER parts, DODGE parts, FERRARI parts, FIAT parts, FORD parts, HONDA parts, HYUNDAI parts, ISUZU parts, ISUZU TRUCKS parts, IVECO parts, JAGUAR parts, JEEP parts, KIA parts,LADA parts, LAND ROVER parts, LDV parts,LEXUS parts, LINCOLN parts, LONDON TAXIS INT parts,LOTUS parts, MASERATI parts, MAZDA parts, MCW parts, MERCEDES parts, METROCAB parts, MG parts, MICROCAR parts, MINI parts, MITSUBISHI parts, MORRIS parts, NISSAN parts, NOBLE parts, OPEL parts, OTHER ITALY parts, OTHER UK parts, PERODUA parts,PEUGEOT parts, PIAGGIO parts, PILGRIM parts, PORSCHE parts, PROTON parts, RELIANT parts, RENAULT parts, RENAULT TRUCKS parts, ROLLS ROYCE parts, ROVER parts, SAAB parts, SEAT parts, SKODA parts, SMART parts, SSANGYONG parts, SUBARU parts, SUZUKI parts, TALBOT parts, TATA parts, TOYOTA parts, TRIUMPH parts, TVR parts, VAUXHALL parts, VOLKSWAGEN parts, VOLVO parts, WESTFIELD parts, ZASTAVA parts


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