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**Unlimited business card scanning for only $0.99!** Card2Contact Lite is the first Business Card Reader (BCR) app that offers unlimited business card ...

Discontinued App


**Unlimited business card scanning for only $0.99!** Card2Contact Lite is the first Business Card Reader (BCR) app that offers unlimited business card scanning to your contacts for only $0.99! Other competing lite version apps limit you on the number of contacts you can add, or the number of contact fields recognized. Card2Contact Lite lets you process as many cards as you want, with industry leading speed. Card2Contact Lite is powered by the same world leading OCR engine as our full version, yielding high accuracy text recognition. Take a picture of a card or select cards from your camera roll, and Card2Contact will automatically assign the text to the applicable contact fields. Card2Contact also features an innovative “drag-and-drop” user interface that makes changing text assignments easy and fast. Note: If using an iPhone 2G or 3G, you will need to use an accessory such as the Griffin Clarifi to take adequate quality pictures. Alternatively, you can import pictures taken with a digital camera. IMPORTANT: OCR technology is not perfect, and results are highly dependent on the quality of the image. Under normal conditions, Card2Contact Lite yields very good text recognition, but some manual corrections may be necessary. We currently support English text only. **Features included in Lite Version** *Unlimited business card scanning to your contacts *Drag-and-Drop User Interface Modifying text assignments has never been easier. With Card2Contact Lite’s unique drag-and-drop interface, moving text is as easy as touching the text with your finger and dragging it where you want it. *Batch Processing Now you can process large quantities of cards simultaneously. Simply save individual cards from your camera roll. Then when you’re ready, you can process all your saved cards at once. Don’t have a iPhone 3GS? No problem. Transfer high quality business card images to your iPod Touch, iPhone 2G or 3G, and then let Card2Contact do the rest. ************************************************************ **Features not included in Lite Version (the features below are only available in the full version)** *eFile Storage of your Business Cards Never worry about misplacing a business card again. Now you can digitally store every business card you receive in your iPhone. After you add a contact using Card2Contact, the digital image is stored in an easy to browse “cover flow” view for later reference. Sort your cards by First Name, Last Name, or Company to quickly locate a card. *Attach Voice and Text Memos to your Business Cards Never again worry about forgetting key information about the people you meet. Simply take a picture of the person’s business card, and simultaneously add a quick voice or text memo to the card with important points you want to remember about the person. This information is saved for later reference. *Grab Any Text This feature allows you to OCR any text from any number of sources for later use. This could include billboards, signs, newspapers, magazines, books, etc. After converting the image to text, you can either copy to your clipboard, or email the text directly from the app. *Add Picture of Contact Quickly add a picture of the person associated with the card. This picture will automatically be displayed in your iPhone contacts. *Send vCards This feature allows you to select any contact in your iPhone’s contacts, including those you’ve added using Card2Contact, and send them as vCards to your friends or coworkers. A vCard is a special file that contains a person’s contact information. When a recipient receives a vCard, they can open it and add the contact to their address book using programs such as Microsoft Outlook. Note: Sending vCards from your iPhone using Yahoo Mail is not supported. This is related to Yahoo Mail and is out of our control. Most other popular mail services are supported including Gmail.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.0

Size: 11.54 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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