CardShake is a smartphone application that creates, exchanges, and also manages exchanged electronic business card (eBC). There are the following features.(NOTICE: ...

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CardShake is a smartphone application that creates, exchanges, and also manages exchanged electronic business card (eBC). There are the following features.(NOTICE: Please activate Bluetooth for exchanging eBC) - You need to create your own business card only once and then exchange with others, which means you do not need to scan or recognize paper business card from others. - To exchange eBC, CardShake has to be installed in the smartphone of the other party. - eBC can be automatically exchanged by shaking smartphones at the same time. - CardShake supports multi language platforms. - Young people who do not have business cards can create an Avatar eBC. - CardShake helps to recognize other parties by exchanging face photos. - Convenient facilities like text messaging, calling, map navigation, SNS, and connection to web sites are provided. - Fast and convenient search by adding tags to the exchanged eBC. - You can record short memos about situations and purposes of meetings in CardShake. - You can import and export the address book of the smartphones and photos can be inserted into the phone list. * CardShake supports an exchanging between devices with the same OS platform. (For example, iPhone to iPhone) * Detailed functions of the CardShake ① My eBC - Create my own eBC to exchange and store into my smartphone. - You can have multiple eBC with various languages and purposes including Avatar eBC. - It is more useful to recognize other parties if you register a face photo or scanned paper business card. ② Exchange of eBC - This is the function for exchanging eBC with other people. - First choose your eBC among several of your own eBCs and then shake the smartphone at the same time with others. - You can touch the menu item to exchange eBCs if you do not want to shake the smartphones. ③ Address Book - It is a place for storing and searching exchanged eBCs. - All Folder: It shows all eBCs stored in your smartphone. You can search by name, date, company and tags very efficiently. - Recent folder: It shows most recent eBCs exchanged. - Tag Search: It searches based on the tag attached to the eBC. Since it shows the searched eBC in real-time on the lower corner of the smartphone with icons, you can easily find the eBC you want with accuracy. - You can store the paper business cards that you have via add and edit functions of the CardShake. - Detailed information can be shown by touching the searched eBC. You can continue to send text messages, call the person, see the map and connect to the web site. ④ Additional function - Importing phone address: It converts address book of the smartphone into CardShake’s address folder. - Exporting CardShake: It converts the cardShake folder into address book of the smartphone. Especially, you can insert face photo into the address book of the smartphone since CardShake has that photo.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.4.3

Size: 7.72 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by Teslasystem

Day of release: 2010-10-7

Recommended age: 4+

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