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CardSnap Lite Business Card Scanner

Now loading business cards into your iPhone address book is a snap! And with the lite edition of Cardsnap, it is economical, too. CardSnap is the easiest ...

Discontinued App


Now loading business cards into your iPhone address book is a snap! And with the lite edition of Cardsnap, it is economical, too. CardSnap is the easiest and most accurate business card reader for the iphone, because we manually review each card. As seen on CNBC's special "Planet of the Apps"! Just snap a picture of your business card and touch submit. The card is processed on our server, generally within 24 hours (and usually much less), and the next time you use the application the business card will be loaded into your address book. **** IMPORTANT NOTE: CardSnap requires the iPhone 3Gs. If you have a prior version of the iPhone, it will only work if you purchase a case with a close-up lens, such as the Griffin Clarifi case. The cards will not be legible with a standard iPhone camera. CardSnap Lite is not just an OCR application, it is a business card transcription service. We use a combination of automated processing and manual review to ensure all legible fields are captured and properly mapped to a contact record on your iPhone. Cardsnap Lite is identical to the full edition with 2 exceptions: 1 - No push notifications 2 - Only 6 fields are processed instead of 17. The fields processed with the lite edition are: - First Name - Last Name - Organization - Work Email - Work Phone - Work Fax We are currently only capable of mapping characters from the english keyboard. CardSnap is only available for the iPhone, and not for the iPod touch. PLEASE NOTE: Despite the fact that the description warns users without the 3Gs that they must use the Clarifi case we are still getting reviews that they cannot get clear enough pictures for the application to work. If you cannot get a legible picture, then email us and work with us before posting negative reviews. There is an email button directly on the info tab. With CardSnap Lite you can process unlimited cards with no signup, activation, additional fees, or recurring charges. Features - - Quick and easy method for taking pictures of business cards and submitting them from the iPhone - List of all cards submitted and their current status - Red tag indicates the number of cards that have been newly processed - Details for each card indicating the status, image, and how it was processed - View or edit contact information from within the application - Detailed user guide included within the application with hints on how to take legible pictures with the iPhone - Upload cards from the photo album or camera - Automatically add contacts to existing groups


Technical specifications

Version: 2.1

Size: 2.52 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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