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* Editor's Choice Award — Children's Technology Review * I really enjoyed this app, and while my son is still a little young to figure out all the controls ...

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* Editor's Choice Award — Children's Technology Review * I really enjoyed this app, and while my son is still a little young to figure out all the controls I am sure that we will love playing it in the future. — The iPhone Mom * Little boys will just go crazy playing around with these 8 beautifully illustrated construction vehicles. The physics, animations and sounds are extremely well put. — Apps4Kids * I definitely recommend this app for any truck-fan as it offers a good variety of actions, selections and sounds! — Mom and More * * * Best Rank * * * United States Top iPad Education — 4th Canada Top iPad Education — 2nd Spain Top iPad Education — 1st Sweden Top iPad Education — 1st Russia Top iPad Education — 1st France Top iPad Education — 1st Interactive car game for children aged over 2 years. Many parents find their young children to be particularly fascinated by construction vehicles. We've made it easy and exciting for your child to explore them. Different types of construction vehicle and road-building machinery are presented as toys in a sandpit, making the process of learning familiar and appealing. Throughout there are lots of beautiful animations, with great video and sound effects. These make clear what each vehicle can do and how it helps people in the real world. All the vehicles are charmingly but accurately depicted, with little surprises such as opening doors and horns which sound. It is really easy to make vehicles move by touching or tipping the screen. Your child will also be able to do things such as extend the arm of the crane or operate the dumper by simple touches. Each vehicle comes with an involving little mission to complete, such as moving toys around, which will help your child discover what each kind of construction vehicle can do. This exploration will be great for fine motor skills, and success at each stage will be made clear by the award of another gold star. Characteristics ▸ Simple easy-to-understand interface ▸ Fun to play again and again ▸ An unusual and interesting way to learn about different vehicles ▸ Exciting and realistic vehicle sound effects ▸ Colorful attention-grabbing backgrounds for all episodes The list of vehicles: ▸ Dump truck ▸ Dumper ▸ Tractor ▸ Grader ▸ Crawler-mounted excavator ▸ Telescopic handler ▸ Loader ▸ Crane


Technical specifications

Version: 2.1

Size: 41.24 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by Thematica - educational and fun apps for kids

Day of release: 2013-11-21

Recommended age: 4+

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