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Overview Blackthorn CaseNotesâ„¢ is an application for taking and keeping a high integrity and contemporaneous record of any particular activity. It is ...

Discontinued App


Overview Blackthorn CaseNotes™ is an application for taking and keeping a high integrity and contemporaneous record of any particular activity. It is loved by users who want to keep a clear and accountable record of their actions and we hope that the simple design approach will also appeal to many others as the CaseNotes concept seems to appeal to many different people. You can also associate items with your cases such as pictures & photos, videos, audio recordings and even scan barcodes. A Range of Uses Blackthorn CaseNotes can also be customised to be used in the management of; · Assessments · Audits · Reviews · Incidents & Investigations · Crises & Emergencies We have even had users reporting using the CaseNotes app to collect information for planning their wedding! Security is Key What makes Blackthorn CaseNotes so different from other notes apps is that the cases are fully encrypted and each notes entry and item is digitally hashed to provide evidential integrity and legal admissibility. CaseNotes is also available for the PC with a synchronisation facility (Pro version). It also integrates with our Blackthorn eGRC solution. The security concept means that your data is not shared in some far flung jurisdiction in the Cloud but remains with you, although you can synchronise your cases simply via email. The list of CaseNotes users is growing and includes; · Forensic Examiners · First Responders · Security Assessors · Planners · Investigators · Medical Professionals · Surveyors · Auditors · Architects · Inspections Officers · Police & Fire Officers · Insurance Loss Adjusters · Real Estate Agents/Property Developers CaseNotes Lite is limited to 3 cases (although you can buy more with IAP), has one template and maximum 4 case attachments (photo/video/audio/barcode). Pro version has unrestricted templates and attachments. The list of Blackthorn CaseNotes users and uses is growing so why not join!


Technical specifications

Version: 1.1

Size: 1.44 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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