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GROW YOUR BUSINESS` CASH FLOW! An essential tool for all business owners, CashFlow Pro effortlessly computes your business` most important ...

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GROW YOUR BUSINESS’ CASH FLOW! An essential tool for all business owners, CashFlow Pro effortlessly computes your business’ most important financial indicator - its net variable cash flow - and offers strategies designed to strengthen your financial position. See where your business really stands with the ONLY app on iTunes to give you an instant, snapshot view of your business’ cash flow status. QUICK AND EASY TO USE Determining your cash flow position doesn’t have to be time-consuming or confusing. Simply fill in CashFlow Pro’s six fields and in seconds you’ll know whether your business is cash flow positive or negative. WHY CASH IS KING Calculating your cash flow answers the question, ‘Do I have enough money in the bank to cover my expenses?’ If your company runs at a negative cash flow for an extended period it will eventually run out of money and be unable to operate. Knowing your cash flow is a crucial factor in staying afloat, especially during tough economic times. You can have the most brilliant service or product in the world, but if you run out of cash, it won’t matter. GET BACK IN THE BLACK Once you know where you stand, this app gives you over 170 ways to help bring your business back into the black with tips proven to positively affect your cash flow. FEATURES - Calculate your Gross Profit, Required Working Capital, Marginal Cash Flow and Net Cash Flow in one easy action. - Use app again and again as your business grows and keep on top of your cash flow. - Easy to understand, flow chart style visuals. - 20 ways to reduce the cost of your goods. - 80 ways to reduce your expenses. - 31 ways to improve your pricing. - 21 ways to reduce debtors’ amounts. - 5 ways to slow payments to creditors. - 22 ways to reduce stock holding. KNOW YOUR CASH FLOW - NOW! Forget poring over complicated spreadsheets or needing a computer to see where your business stands, CashFlow Pro gives you the figures you need instantly, while simultaneously providing easy-to-implement suggestions for turning around negative cash flow and boosting positive growth.


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