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Category Therapy Lite gives you a sample of the types of activities available in the full app. Category Therapy is a professional speech therapy app that ...

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Category Therapy Lite gives you a sample of the types of activities available in the full app. Category Therapy is a professional speech therapy app that practices mental organization skills for individuals who have language problems due to stroke, brain injury, or developmental disorders. You’ll see why speech-language pathologists & families “absolutely love this app,” calling it “highly recommended,” “my go-to app for categories,” & “well worth it!” BETTER ORGANIZATION MEANS BETTER UNDERSTANDING When mental organization skills (the ability to group items & name common characteristics) are lost or damaged, it affects our basis for structuring & understanding the world. Category Therapy encourages re-learning categorization skills by providing unlimited therapy using evidence-based exercises on your mobile device. IMPROVE CATEGORIZATION SKILLS FROM SIMPLE TO COMPLEX Category Therapy features four exercises: Find | Classify | Exclude | Add One and three levels of difficulty: Concrete | Subcategories | Abstract Category Therapy helps patients develop categorization skills along a hierarchy from simple to complex. It was designed by a Speech-Language Pathologist as a stroke recovery tool and is perfect for people who have difficulty speaking or finding words. “What Category Therapy has managed to do is to collate four kinds of activities into one tight, comprehensive app & spruced it up with customizable field sizes, filtered target categories, cue types & best of all, difficulty levels that range from concrete to abstract categories.” — Carla C, SLP of iSPeakApp MAKE THE MOST OF THERAPY SESSIONS Category Therapy fits within a collaborative rehab model, seamlessly linking the clinic to the home, while connecting therapists to families & clients. It’s a useful assessment tool for professionals to gain insight into the cognition & comprehension of non-verbal patients, and the comprehensiveness of the app allows for extended engagement & practice time. Category Therapy is simple & intuitive for both professionals and patients, providing more repetitions & faster improvements. “The ability to e-mail results makes therapy so much easier because you can focus your time on explaining why different choices were correct or incorrect & actually teach rather than have to write down results.” — Jessica C, SLP of Consonantly Speaking DETAILED DESIGN EMPOWERS USERS The clean, high-contrast layout uses realistic photos, recorded voice & easy-to-read print. Interactive text & icons enable the user to hear an item, category, or instruction stated aloud. With 700 images in 70 categories, four activities with three levels, & multiple settings, the full app has literally thousands of unique exercises. “It will be a LONG time before you run out of content to use with one patient/student, & the app’s fantastic settings options will allow you to use it with a variety of individuals, regardless of cognitive abilities.” — Aubrey K, SLP of Speechie Apps Category Therapy is valuable for learners of all ages & abilities. Try Category Therapy Lite for a small taste of how this app can add educational value to any rehab center, special education classroom, or speech clinic. THE FOUNDATION OF ALL TACTUS THERAPY APPS We believe that therapy should continue as long as you want to improve. We make apps that let you decide when, where, & how often you want to practice. * Use the same tools at home as are used in therapy * Adjusts to challenge you as you improve & measure progress * Affordable single purchase & no ongoing subscriptions We believe that apps should make therapy easier for clinicians. * Fast access to high-quality, evidence-based materials * Ready-made customizable home programs * Detailed summaries in clinical language for fast reporting * Designed for collaboration & engagement between therapists, families, & clients


Technical specifications

Version: 1.04

Size: 3.92 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by Tactus Therapy Solutions Ltd.

Day of release: 2012-11-11

Recommended age: 4+

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