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Cell Phone Secrets: Information for Parents

Dear Fellow Parent, Just like you, I love my family more than anything is this world. When it comes to my kids, I want them to be happy, safe, and enjoy ...

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Dear Fellow Parent, Just like you, I love my family more than anything is this world. When it comes to my kids, I want them to be happy, safe, and enjoy life. When my wife and I decided to get a cell phone for our oldest child, it opened a huge list of issues and concerns that we were totally clueless about. I’m sure you can relate to our story… After a few years of begging and pleading, my wife and I finally agreed to get our 12 year old daughter a cell phone. We thought it would help keep her safe and we also felt that she was ready: * She was walking alone to and from school each day * She was babysitting * She was going to more and more events for school and at church * She was spending more with friends away from the house * Her academics were excellent – an honor role student * Her behavior had always been great * She did all her chores around the house * She was responsible and reliable She had earned the privilege and we thought we were ready. We tried to prepare for all the possible problems. We talked about being responsible, as well as some of the dangers we had heard of. Despite our efforts, we were still clueless about all the issues that were waiting for our entire family. It didn’t take long for a variety of concerns to pop into our lives. Cell phones force our kids to confront a multitude of problems everyday. As my daughter started encountering more and more of these problems, I realized that I needed help as a parent. I wanted to be a step ahead of the game; to be prepared in advance of the possible issues in order to best help my daughter. Cell phone issues that our kids are face are VERY SERIOUS and much worse than I had ever expected. I thought I had a good idea what was going on, but boy was I wrong! What I uncovered over the upcoming year or two was very concerning. I learned that our kids are facing many serious issues that relate to their cell phones – things from sexting to cheating in school, to bullying and pornography. I also learned that I was not alone in my fears and frustrations as a parent. As a caring parent, I’m sure you have come across some cell phone problems with your child too. The biggest realization I made was that most kids are facing these issues ON THEIR OWN. The real problem facing our kids is not their cell phones, or even what they do with them. The true problem stems from a lack of knowledge and involvement with us parents. There are just so many things that go on with kids and their cell phones. It’s very difficult for us to keep up, especially as technology changes so fast! The information you’ll find is based off of: * Hundreds of hours of research, * Interviews with over 100 parents, educators, and kids, * My personal perspective and experience as a parent, * My experience as a high school teacher-librarian After all the research and interviews, I narrowed down the list to… The 13 Biggest Problems 1. Sexting 2. Bullying 3. Obsession 4. Sneakiness & Trust 5. School Problems 6. Health Concerns 7. Bad Manners 8. Teen Drivers 9. Irresponsibility 10. Surprise Costs 11. Sleep Deprivation 12. Mobile Adult Entertainment 13. False Sense of Security Uncovering all these cell phone problems inspired me to do something – to make a difference.


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