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****FESTIVAL OFFER 50% OFF - Limited Time Period **** This app is first of its kind to help you become expert at answering challenging questions during ...

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****FESTIVAL OFFER 50% OFF - Limited Time Period **** This app is first of its kind to help you become expert at answering challenging questions during Step 2 CS exam.  ---------------------------------------------------------------------- As you know, Step 2 CS exam has three sub-components. 1.     - Integrated Clinical Encounter (ICE) 2.     - Communication  and Interpersonal Skills (CIS) 3.    - Spoken English Proficiency ----------------------------------------------------------------------  This unique app makes you expert at Communication and Interpersonal skills. This app presents 101 frequently encountered challenging questions/situations in exactly the way it is presented in actual exam.   It has four different categories under which you will practice 101 questions.   1.   In the Beginning of patient encounter:  You will enjoy learning different challenging questions/situations encountered in the beginning of case.  Such as, -         How to do counseling of mother of  2 year old boy when epistaxis does not stop and she is worried about his son? -         What would I do if patient ask to turn off light? -         How to take history from crying patients?   -         And many more… 2.   In the middle of patient encounter -         How to do counseling when patient ask for pain medicine? -         How to elicit history from victim of Domestic Violence or Elder Abuse? -         How to answer whether patient can go to work or school when he is ill? -         And many more… 3.   During physical examination -         When patient asks for pain medicines and refuse to allow physical examination (PE). -         When patient yelled at you during physical examinationà what is next step? -         How to finish PE when patient refused to participate and asked you to get X-ray? -         And many more… 4.   During closure: -         When patient insists to prescribe medicines for weight loss when you think it is not indicated. -         When patient refuses to be admitted when you think it is indicated. -         When patient can’t afford surgery and ask for only medicines for treatment when you think surgery is indicated. -         And many more… ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Helpful features for students: -         Score will be displayed to assess your performance -         All 101 questions have relevant explanation after answer. -         Sound – on/off option, to make is more enjoyable -         Review tab to review all 101 questions with answer and explanations ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Disclaimer: www.usmletutoring is not affiliated with USMLE(full name) or NBME(full name). Patient's names are for educational purpose and there is no relation with any living persons.


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Version: 1.1.1

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Developed by Omnipresent Education Pvt. Ltd.

Day of release: 2011-09-14

Recommended age: 12+

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