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CHARGBX Locator App (Pronounced charge-box) This unique app connects you to CHARGBX`s in your area! We`ve all been there: Out on the ...

Discontinued App


CHARGBX Locator App (Pronounced charge-box) This unique app connects you to CHARGBX’s in your area! We’ve all been there: Out on the town, go to send a text and LOW BATTERY! but it’s only 11:00pm!?? With nowhere safe to charge your phone. Well...... Stay charged and stay connected with the ChargBX Locator app. Search by location to find a ChargBX that can securely charge your phone while you grab food, drink, or shop! Browse menus, drink specials, events and more! ChargBX is THE solution for when your phone is dying in the most inconvenient locations! Our secure rapid charging kiosks have been installed at a variety of venues including bars, restaurants, night clubs, movie theaters, amusement parks, college campuses, the list goes on and on. They house a variety of rapid charging tips inside 6 individual locking bins. Lock your phone away while it receives a rapid battery boost to keep your phone charged and you connected. ***SEARCH BY LOCATION: Use the map to pinpoint ChargBX locations closest to you. ***SEARCH BY VENUES: Use the list of venues to find a ChargBX. Browse each venues website, specials, events, menus etc. ***SEARCH BY SOCIAL: Use twitter, Facebook or Foursquare to see where your friends are using a ChargBX and head that way! Let your friends know where you're headed to charge up your phone too! ***VIEW SPONSORS SPECIALS: We often have sponsors drinks specials, new products, special events. Use the App to stay updated on the latest happenings with our awesome sponsors. ***CONTACT US: Use the app to connect to us, Tweet us, Facebook us, E-mail us, tag us in an Instagram photo (yes, we’re on Instagram. username: Chargbx).


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