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Play award winning Chebeche® on the iPad! Chebache (ChÄ›-bä-chÄ“) unites elements of the ancient games Checkers, Backgammon and Chess. Although most ...

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Play award winning Chebeche® on the iPad! Chebache (Chě-bä-chē) unites elements of the ancient games Checkers, Backgammon and Chess. Although most closely related to Backgammon of these three classics, Chebache offers many unique new modes of play, adding more options of movement and strategy. "If you love strategy games such as Checkers, Backgammon and Chess, you’re sure to love Chebache. You’ll recognize elements from each of these classic games - and much more. The strategies are deep, the movement choices are plenty and the flow of the game is ever-changing. ...Backgammon has been my favorite strategy game, but it actually seems a little boring compared to Chebache! (Sorry, Backgammon.) For the strategy board game lover, this is a great, challenging and fun game. It takes elements of the classics to a whole new level." - Kelly Tompkins, Bellaonline's Board Game Editor. Be the first player to move all your pieces along the path to Finish or trap your opponent’s King in Chebache to win. Players take turns rolling dice and moving pieces accordingly. A jump option at the end of each turn gives players another possibility for moving pieces. Special spaces called Tivits and the powerful Kings allow forward or backward movement. Interweaving paths alternate from shared Intersections and non-shared Squares (or Tivits) matching the color of the player’s pieces. Send your opponent's pieces back to Start, either by attacking or trapping them. Pieces stacked on Intersections may be attacked by landing on them with an equal or greater number of pieces. Since a roll of doubles allows 4 moves and the stacking limit equals 4 pieces, there are no safe zones. Attacking a King captures it to be used against the opponent. Pieces occupying Squares or Tivits may be threatened by an angle formation called a Chebache, similar to “Check” in Chess. It warns the opponent that the pieces are threatened. If nothing is done to save them, they will be trapped. Trapping regular pieces sends them back to Start, while trapping the opponent’s King is a sudden win, similar to “Check Mate”. The combination of interweaving paths, stacking pieces, bi-directional movement options, Chebache formations, jumping, and powerful Kings creates a game which ultimately balances the combination of strategy and chance into a challenging, unpredictable and dynamic new board game. Choose between a variety of options as you compare the values of strength verses flexibility, while weighing the benefits of taking risks with those of playing it safe. We hope that your enjoyment of Chebache continues to grow as you develop your game by combining all aspects of Chebache into winning strategies! “This is the kind of game you play with a friend for years, constantly challenging each other's intellect. The more you play, the more strategies you can develop, so the game is always challenging." - Lisa Kavanagh, NightsandWeekends.com "If you are looking for an exciting game built on familiar principles, that has an addictive quality and will also stretch your strategic faculties, I strongly recommend Chebache. I love this elegant game and I think you will too." - Mitch Thomashow, TheGames Journal.com "Whenever a game designer combines several ideas from several games, I often find myself wishing I could just go back and play the original game. Now, whenever I play Backgammon, I find myself wishing that I was playing Chebache. …If you really like Backgammon, graduate to Chebache.'' - Jake Davenport, ContagiousDreams.com - Includes an AI version and tutorial help for practice before challenging your friends. - Play online using Game Center. - Featuring NEW “5 ‘n’ Out”, a shorter version for online play. For more information on Chebache®, please visit: www.chebache.com


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