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'One of the best chess/checkers vari­a­tions out there...recommend to anyone..'. Top Kids Apps 'A really fun new game for the whole family. Try it you`ll ...

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'One of the best chess/checkers vari­a­tions out there...recommend to anyone..'. Top Kids Apps 'A really fun new game for the whole family. Try it you’ll get hooked! Highly recommended and a steal at it’s current price of 99c ! 4.5/5 stars. The iMums 'I really like how the game evolves as your skill improves... a continual challenge...fun way to kill some time'. AppPicker '8/10...Chekked is better and more innovative than most...' AppStoreArcade 'One of the Apps of the day'. AppAdvice Do you feel like 'Chekking Out' for a few minutes? Welcome to the world of Chekked, a game that builds on the traditions of both Checkers and Chess, but changes things up to create a whole new board game, that is sure to become the next classic game. So how does it work? Pieces have number values that determine their power (how far they can move) - a bit like Chess. And like Checkkers, the pieces move diagonally, but they can move both forwards and backwards. But like Chess, you take your opponent's pieces by landing on them, not jumping over them. But there's more! You can make more powerful pieces by stacking them up (moving one piece on top of another), and you can make Kings by getting to the other side of the board...but Kings have special properties too - they can move up and down and side to side and onto the white squares too! Crazy! One last thing and then you'll just have to try it: you score points for each move, and for taking your opponent’s pieces, and for winning, and for winning quickly. So you can try to get the highest score by winning FAST and winning BIG. And as you play more, and win more, your pieces start increasing in value. So, the challenge just keeps getting better! That's all we're going to say - the rest is for you to discover... Key features: * The best of Chess meets the best of Checkers * 9 different player characters and 6 different opponents to choose from * Each opponent plays in a different way to challenge your playing style * Three different playing levels, for play for all ages and abilities * The more you play the more the game changes and the more you can score


Technical specifications

Version: 1.1

Size: 4.74 MB


Price: $ 0.00

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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